Bathroom renovations are as simple as changing towel rods or faucets or can be as complicated as knocking down walls or rearranging toilets and tubes. When you do not have any idea about how, to begin with, renovation, it can be quite intimidating. It is important to know the basics of bathroom renovations before you go for it. You might like to change the entire overhaul or just want to change a few aspects in your bathroom.

4 Basic Steps To Achieve A Perfect Bathroom Renovation Along With The Detailed Sub-Steps

1. First, plant the design and make an approximate budget-

On the basis of the theme, mood and color scheme. You want your bathroom to do proper planning and budgeting and the steps for that are following: 

  • Decide the design that you want for your bathroom
  • Calculate the approximate costing and budget for the entire renovation process
  • Get a clear idea about the type and amount of work to be done in this process
  • Have a clear idea about the time and effort you can give in this process of bathroom renovation out of your schedule
  • Discuss with a reputed, professional designer before you start
  • Assess if you need to hire trained professionals or only contractors for this task
  • Make sure that the renovated bathroom meets the building codes and at the same time is comfortable
  • Have a backup bathroom setup from before on so that you can take showers while plumbing work would be going on in the bathroom which is being renovated 

2. Space planning

You need to first review the usage of space in your bathroom. Space storage opportunities should be considered and also go for a separate toilet room as it is both aesthetic and functional in small spaces. Make sure that the spurge outlets are set at a safe distance from tubs and showers.

3. Choose the materials to be used and also the fixtures

Choose the flooring, fixture and painting materials carefully to ensure safety and comfort in your bathroom. It is important to take measurements accurately for proper fittings of the bathroom accessories. The sub-steps in achieving so are: 

  • Measure bathtubs, toilets, sinks, cabinets and showers accurately before you proceed for shopping
  • Make sure that the flooring material is non-absorbent and slip-free to ensure safety and tidiness in your bathroom
  • Go for moisture and mildew resistant paints so that the wall paint and texture stay as it is after frequent cleaning and touching
  • Decide the look you want to give to the counter
  • Consider both looks and longevity when you choose a bathtub, shower, sink and other fixtures for your bathroom
  • Go for a store that is both trendy and efficient
  • Make sure that adequate natural light can come inside your bathroom. Also, go for additional artificial lighting to avoid any sort of accident in the bathroom
  • To avoid mold, rot, bad smell and decay your bathroom must have proper ventilation. It is even more important to consider it if you intend to smoke inside the bathroom.

4. Take proper precautions during bathroom renovation

The precautionary steps are as follows: 

  • Anything which is not being renovated should be covered with plastic sheeting, cardboard or paper during renovation work in order to protect them from dust and dirt.
  • Valves present under sinks and behind toilets are to be switched off if you are working in the sink, shower, and toilet or bathtub part. Your bathroom might flood if you do not follow this strictly.
  • Make your bathroom clutter-free for an easy renovation.
  • Start the bathroom renovation with painting and make sure that you give the paint proper drying time to avoid bumps and stickiness.

Bathroom renovation can result in a wholesome change of the view of your house. So, it is important to do proper planning and follow the above-mentioned steps strictly to avoid costly mistakes and have a wonderful experience when you use your bathroom after renovation.

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