Everybody wants to have a flip worthy and finger comb hair day-and-night. If you’re also trying to achieve the same thing, then you must know that a healthy scalp results in smooth, shiny, and longer hair.

But such conditions like hair and scalp buildup might get in your way to have that clean, fresh scalp, and strong and long hair. They can also cause too much itchiness, oiliness, brittleness, and redness of the scalp that might affect your hair growth.

It’s a good thing that we had ample time to gather these easy tips, which you can try to prevent having unwanted hair and scalp buildup. So, read further and find out!

1. Practice using swimming caps before taking a quick dip in the pool.

swimming caps

What do swimming caps have to do with hair and scalp buildup prevention?

You might have the same question on your mind right now. So, let’s break the ice by telling you that swimming caps aren’t only a piece of essential swimming equipment. Aside from reducing the water drag for swimmers, swimming caps also provide necessary protection to your hair and scalp.

If wearing swimming caps for a quick dip in the pool bores you, you might go for the best and most creative option, which is purchasing custom swimming caps. Custom swimming caps are perfect for picky people who seek hair and scalp protection but also want to make it “fashion” at the same time.

2. Wash and cleanse your hair and scalp thoroughly.

Hair And Scalp Buildup

Your hair and scalp might accumulate natural buildup and product buildup if you disregard the proper way of washing and cleansing your hair and scalp. Like how you keep your face free from dirt and fresh all the time, know that your hair and scalp need the same level of TLC as well.

So, as you wash your hair with shampoo, conditioner, and other hair-care products, see to it that you’re rinsing them off your hair thoroughly. Also, give your scalp a thorough and gentle scrub that it needs to exfoliate the possible natural or product residues and dirt on the surface.

3. Always brush your hair to keep it detangled.

brush your hair to keep it detangled.

Brushing your hair often might not seem to be a big help in keeping hair and scalp free from buildup. However, keeping your hair detangled as often as possible will help you prevent from having hair knots for natural and product residues and dirt to cling on to.

When brushing or combing your hair, hold the top of your hair so you won’t hurt your scalp by combing the tangles at the end of your hair shaft, then slightly make your way up to the middle section, then to the roots.

4. Give your scalp a regular and proper exfoliation treatment.

proper exfoliation treatment.

Your scalp needs the same exfoliation treatment as your skin does. Giving your scalp a regular and proper exfoliation treatment will prevent the accumulation of unwanted hair and scalp buildup, as well as enhance your scalp’s health.

Also, the healthier and the cleaner your scalp, the more chances you can boost your hair growth!

5. Refrain from excessive use of hair-care products.

hair-care products

The last tip we have for you on the list is as easy as 123, which is to refrain from using too many hair-care products. Excessive use of unnecessary hair-care products might lead to product buildup.

Also, if you don’t control yourself from constant use of hair-care products, it might damage your hair and slow down your hair growth. So, it’s still advisable for you to go natural, buy organic hair-care products and don’t abuse your chances to use such products.

And there you have some of the easiest ways to prevent having unwanted hair and scalp buildup. If you think this article helps a lot, why not share it with your family and friends too, right?