There are many things that Bloomington has to offer. Its allure derives from the distinctive identity that its robust feeling of community and ubiquitous culture have helped to forge. The city itself has a lovely aspect because to the several protected natural landscape regions that surround it. Due to Indiana University’s importance to the community, this city is also home to several educational attractions. Despite being a city known for its universities, there are still many touristy activities to do in Bloomington.

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1 Indiana University Arboretum

Due to its many attractions, Indiana University draws a sizable number of tourists and locals in addition to students. Both locals and visitors like the arboretum at the university because it is so tranquil and serene. Prior to being an arboretum, this area of campus served as the original Memorial Stadium.

2 B-Line Trail

It is possible to navigate Bloomington without a car thanks to the B-Line Trail, a designated pedestrian path. This 3.1-mile, 12-foot-wide track, which was formerly a railway link, connects a number of Bloomington’s well-liked tourist attractions and open spaces. Due to downtown’s prominent placement on the B-Line Trail, non-motorized tourists may easily access features including the Farmers’ Market, the WonderLab Museum, and a number of community events and venues.

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3 Fountain Square Mall

Less than a half-mile away, at Fountain Square Mall, a historic building with a variety of local shops, are Sample Gates and the Indiana University campus. Every single store in Fountain Square Mall, which offers everything from fashion and jewellery to health and fitness as well as arts and hobbies, is unique to Bloomington. Within the business district is also a historical ballroom that may be rented out for special events.

4 The WonderLab Museum of Science, Health & Technology

This city’s children’s museum fosters creativity with its interactive exhibits and practical science activities. The B-Line Trail provides quick access to many of WonderLab’s permanent exhibits, including the Kaleidoscope Cave, Bubble Airium, and Hall of Natural Science. On the grounds lies the Lester P. Bushnell WonderGarden, a lush outdoor space with interactive exhibits. As part of its mission, WonderLab also offers a variety of programmes, such as kid-focused WonderCamps, adult social events, and STEM-focused “IDEA Labs.”

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5 Wylie House Museum

On the southern end of the campus is the Wylie House Museum, a historic home built and occupied by Dr. Andrew Wylie, Indiana University’s first president. Anyone in the neighbourhood is welcome to visit the house now that it is a public museum. The mansion looks to still maintain a 19th-century way of life and is stocked with period-appropriate items, giving you the impression that you have travelled back in time when you first enter it. The property’s history garden adds to its attractiveness, and the Morton C. Bradley, Jr. Education Center nearby provides more information about the various notable Wylie family members.

6 Monroe Lake

Being the largest inner lake in the state, Monroe Lake is a popular spot for water activities and shore exploration. There are boating, swimming, and fishing opportunities on this enormous man-made lake, and there are numerous hiking trails in the forest that encircles the coastline. Fairfax State Recreation Area is a popular vacation destination and is located on the west side of Monroe Lake, fifteen miles from Bloomington. The state recreation area has boat launches, a swimming beach, and resort amenities.

7 Wapehani Mountain Bike Park

One of the first parks of its kind in Indiana, Wapehani Mountain Bike Park is situated southeast of the city’s centre and the Indiana University campus. The tranquil 50-acre mountain biking park also provides facilities for hikers, trail runners, mushroom hunters, and wildlife observers. Due to its approximately eight miles of trails, which range from easy runs to challenging downhills and obstacles, Wapehani sees a lot of traffic on the weekends and in the evenings. If you’re planning to cycle with friends, carpooling is a great option because the gravel parking lot has room for around a dozen automobiles.

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