Kids are not the only ones who should brush their teeth on a regular basis. Teens should also brush their teeth on a regular basis so that they can avoid cavities and learn good oral hygiene habits. There are many things that parents can do to help kids to brush their teeth on a regular basis. If the child is old enough, they should be taught how to brush their teeth by themselves. This will help them learn good habits and it will also make it easier for the child to remember.

When it comes to teaching kids to brush their teeth regular, they should also be taught how often is best for them to brush. Kids need to know that their teeth should be brushed at least 2 minutes a day. If they are having trouble brushing their teeth, there are some toothpaste products on the market that have special formulas that will help them to brush their teeth. Kids should be encouraged to use these toothpastes once per day. This is the easiest way to get kids to brush their teeth and it is the most effective in the long run.

Maximum children suffer from decayed teeth, cavities, and bad breath. Why? Not brushing their teeth regularly is one of the foremost reasons behind their poor dental hygiene. As their parents, one should make them habitual of practicing a proper dental cleaning routine each day. However, it is easier said than done! To help you guide your children into following some good habits,

We have listed the top seven ways in which you can motivate them to brush regularly!

Help Them Learn

London dentist often suggests teaching your child the importance of teeth cleaning. Children are naturally curious and instead of ordering them to do something, one should help them understand why it is important. For example; rather than strictly ordering them to brush their teeth, if you show them any cartoon video of the importance of cleaning teeth daily, they will become more influenced.

Make It Fun

You need to become a child to teach a child. That is any activity your child sees as fun, he/she will become more interested in doing it. Simple things like playing their favourite music while they brush their teeth, make the brushing environment more pleasant with fragrances, and pasting posters of superheroes brushing and fighting bad cavities and germs, etc. All such things can help them relate and practice more.

Conversation With Dentist 

Just like children pay more heed to what their teacher says, similarly, your kid will be more influenced if your London dentist asks h/er to brush their teeth religiously. Make sure to have frequent dentist trips for you and your child’s regular dental check-ups.

Go Brush Shopping 

What can become more exciting than helping your child choose their favourite ninja or barbie toothbrush when you go brush shopping together! Allowing them to have their own choices in terms of their brush will help them feel more independent and responsible. Even toothpaste comes in so many adorable colours and glitters for children.

Give Them Rewards

Rewarding works for everyone and in every age, every situation. It is important to encourage good behaviour and healthy habits in your child by rewarding them each time they show effort and brush their teeth. Such small things will help them become more confident as they gain a better sense of themselves. Parents who scold or scorn their child for not brushing teeth or other good things develop a negative image.

Become Their Model

Before asking your child to do anything you must first do it yourself. This means, if you are asking them to sleep on time, you must sleep on time as well. Thereby, if you expect your child to adopt any good habit of properly brushing their teeth daily twice, they must see you doing it. This will help them value your orders and teaching.

Be Creative

You can involve some fun stories of how their favorite cartoon character fought with bad breath and germs by brushing teeth daily. This will inspire them to do the same. Also, you can try a dissolving agent, a tablet available at pharmacies that on chewing releases pink colour to mark plaque on the teeth. Seeing which, they can see for themselves what they need to get rid of.

A healthy dental routine is very important for children to start practising from an early age.