Shade sails are defined as a device or a structure known for providing shade in the outdoors as the name suggests. It uses the basic technique that is used in a sailboat or even a ship. These sails are flexible and the membrane is fixed between different anchor points for creating tension and this helps them to stay put. Some of the sails are not very permanent and can be shifted around with ease. On the other hand, there are some shade sails that are actually more permanent in fixture.

On the whole, the shade sails come with the benefit of being economical and budget-friendly. They are not just restricted to pool sides and gardens but these are also used in areas like beaches, playgrounds and other outdoor seating areas too because they offer protection from the harmful sun radiation. In fact, their fabric has been particularly made to suit to fight UAV and UVB rays.

Contemporary sails

The sails made today are actually multipurpose and the same fabric is used in different occasions. For instance, you can get shade sails that come in blended and vibrant colors that tend to overlap. So rather than going for plain designs or hues you have the option of getting some texture. Then there are the more fixed ones that are made with the metals like steel or aluminum, which are nowhere close to the traditional sails and yet they are aesthetically appealing and last for years. The advantage with the latter is that you can actually use them for laying regular sails on top too.

Then there are also the domestic kinds of shade sails that are being used for occasional purposes. You would notice that these sails don’t have a fixed or permanent texture. Rather these are used and then taken off again when there is no need. These are easier to install when compared to the traditional ones. They too feature the ideal snap hook. All of this requires just a few basics on the installation front and you are all set to go. And when it comes to design choices, there is plenty to be spoilt for with these sails-

Free Standing

As the name gives away, the freestanding kinds of shade sails are more suitable or appropriate for casual areas or places that don’t need a very fixed kind of cover up. These include parking bays mostly that includes both residential and commercial spaces.

Residential shades

These types of sails are more suited for protecting the outer areas of residences. For instance, one would find them being used in poolside’s, garden area and even in the backyard at times. They are more suited for occasional stuff like entertaining friends or having barbecues and feature window screens, which make it retractable.

Connected shades

For covering the areas like the deck, a particular entrance way or even the veranda zones, you can opt for shade sails that are referred to as connected shades. These are set up to ensure that you are getting optimum coverage and protection. Also, there is actually no external support structures needed for these because these are connected in a way that they are getting support from other sources.

Umbrella shades

There are so many different kinds and variations of shade sails umbrella shades are one of them. They actually appear to be more like huge umbrellas and have a metal pole holding them in place. It can also be wall mounted, which is called cantilever umbrella. It is not a space occupying design and so is quite a popular option for commercial areas and homes too.