Before discussing anything about the services, we should get to know about the alarm monitoring services. To know this, we need to understand that there are two security stations; home security stations and central station of the security provider. The purpose of establishing alarm monitoring is to communicate between these two stations. Talking about technicalities, it might differ from one service provider to another, but the system remains the same. Most of the home alarm services are connected with the nearest police stations and if there is any problem or theft occurs then the alarm monitoring service will directly send the signal to the police automatically. If you want to secure your property then you must maintain all necessary security measurements and in this case, you must install a proper home alarm monitoring system.

The control panel

The control panel of your system is essential in many aspects. It is the center of all network sensors. It is due to this control panel that people are able to send signals. This network sensor includes motion detectors, window or door sensors, tamper sensors on the telephone box, or specialized temperature, flood, and smoke detectors.

When there is a disturbance in any of the above-mentioned systems then the sensors come into play. Signals are sent with the help of your telephone line to the central station which is also the security provider. Once the security provider gets to know through signals, they will take the further steps accordingly.


• Suppose there is too much smoke in your residence or office and you have already installed the alarm monitoring services. The sensors will be triggered and the service provider will call the fire department.

• Similarly, if any signals related to the medical department is released and sent successfully. The monitoring service provider will call the ambulance or doctor as per need.

Why should people prefer monitored alarms over unmonitored alarms?

  • The unmonitored alarm does not send signals to the central station of the security provider. This is because the security provider does not have anything to do with it. Therefore, irrespective of the difficulties that you are facing, you need to take all the pain or be dependable at someone whom you do not know would even turn up or not.
  • The noise produced can be taken as a fun activity. In unmonitored alarms, one does not get to know whether the noise produced is really genuine or not. It happens that people ignore after hearing the sound.
  • In most of the emergency cases, people want to intimate the police, call the ambulance or the fire brigade. This is a work which should be ideally given to a person who can receive signals and do the necessary work. If you compare between monitored and unmonitored alarms, then the monitored alarms surely have a very strong competitive edge.

Important Point to be noted before buying

Outsourcing has become an important part of the world that breathes globalization. Companies want to be less responsible for after-sales services. There are some of them who outsource and delegate this work to other companies, those companies which are much smaller than them or are sister companies. But when you buy the alarm monitoring system for your house, you need to check their features and monitoring systems. Some of them having own mobile application and if you install them perfectly then you will get the alarming signals on your mobile too.

Investment in alarm monitoring services is something that needs to be done only after proper research work. It is usually a decision that is most likely not individual, it is a collective decision. Prospective customers, therefore should never judge any product with the price. They should closely compare the after-sales services.