A good glass of champagne can be quick in elevating the entire mood of the room. You might be enjoying your date, and a glass of champagne would make it even better. You might hold a glass of champagne while relaxing in your bathtub, or you might be celebrating a promotion, and the excitement levels would shoot right up as soon as you see the bottle of champagne. The real party begins when champagne shows up.

In some recent stats, Australia is one of the most successful market by volume for champagne. Ranking sixth highest in the imports of champagne, Australians are developing a taste for this luxurious drink. With the statistics showing that twice as many people in Australia consume champagne compared to giving it off as a gift, the drink is a go-to option on every special occasions.

It is no bummer that drinking champagne can be a different experience altogether while drinking from the right kind of glasses. Coupes and traditional flutes are some of the options available in the market to choose from, and each of them provides a different experience to drinking a champagne.

It Is Time To Ditch The Traditional Stems And Switch To The Stemless Champagne Flutes, And Here Are Some Reasons Why:

Stemless Champagne Flutes

  • Do you like your champagne crisp?

Well, everyone likes the sensation of the small sip of wine, giving a slight burning sensation with every step that it takes further down as if reminding that one is having this heavenly drink for a reason. Now, does it sound attractive if the champagne is completely bland? That’s what is going to happen if you use a coupe to pour your champagne in. Because of its wider circumference, the carbon dioxide escapes as quickly as it falls into the coupe, making it flat.

  • Ditch the traditional flutes.

Yes, traditional flutes destroy the magic that champagne holds, and there is actual science behind it. Traditional flutes do the exact opposite of what the coupes were doing. Remember how coupes were letting too much of the essence of champagne escape? The traditional flutes do the reverse by holding the essence in, so much so that one cannot enjoy the delicate aroma of the drink.

So, what to do? How to appreciate the aroma and the rich taste that champagne holds, all at the same time?

This is when the stemless champagne flutes show up to upgrade the whole beauty of the luxurious drink to another level, all the while preserving its taste as well as the delicate aroma that it withholds.

Why should I switch to stemless champagne flutes?

  •  As the name suggests, it is glass without a stem. And while it may sound weird and abnormal, it is quite genius.
  • The bowl shape of the stemless champagne flutes provides people with what the traditional coupes and flutes lack- not cutting out on the aroma nor the taste, and hence providing a rich experience.
  • Have you ever held a traditional coupe or flute full of champagne, all the while praying that it doesn’t fall and smash to pieces? To help you avoid that embarrassment, the stemless champagne flutes have the design to prevent the same. So you can go on and enjoy your special occasions without worrying about embarrassing yourself!


Stemless Champagne Flutes

Drawing out the comparisons, there are all the reasons to switch to the stemless champagne flutes and ditch the traditional glasses. Go ahead and elevate the experience of the special occasions a little more, and add these glasses to your shelves to enjoy your favorite champagne.