Due to their simplicity and convenience, credit cards are among the most frequently used payment methods in the world. If they have a solid credit history and make timely payments on their debts, almost everyone can obtain a credit card. It is necessary to be active and updated in order to benefit from this type of financing.

The possibility that these payment methods could become inactive is one of their drawbacks. One of them is that the bank deactivates the card if it hasn’t been used for a while or if payments aren’t made on time. It’s also possible that the card is inactive because its validity date has passed.

Here are some tips to aid your study if you’ve ever wondered how to check if a credit card is active online.

How To Determine Whether The Credit Card Is Active?

There are several explanations for inactive credit cards. Late payments, inactivity, or expiration date are some of the most frequent causes for blocking a credit card, and they all react to the cardholder’s direct actions.

Here is a list of options to see if your card has stopped working if you suspect it has stopped working for any of these reasons or for another reason you do not know.

  • Get In Touch With Customer Service

Calling customer service is the most direct way to determine whether your credit card is active. With this system, it’s effortless to get answers right away because you can speak with an actual telephone operator who can tell you whether the system is active and, if not, why it’s been disabled after checking the system data.

The majority of banks offer this kind of service around-the-clock by contacting through RBL credit card customer care no; however, it is advisable to call during regular business hours. If you don’t know the bank’s number, call the number on the back of your credit card and proceed as directed to make your request.

  • Try Utilising It

If the first choice is not practical for you, you can use it by making a small purchase. If the card is declined, it may indicate that it is inactive, though this is not always the case. Additionally, it might exceed the payment cap. If the card doesn’t swipe, have a backup payment method to avoid awkward situations.

You can also try making a small online purchase if you’d rather stay out of an awkward situation in a physical store. It is likely to be inactive if the card is declined at the point of sale, but as was already mentioned, other factors could lower it or further any issues contact RBL credit card customer care no.

  • Online Banking Account Checking

Checking your bank account online is a third simple and trustworthy option. You can use it to view the records, the limit, your debt, the available balance, and other information. Log in to your online credit card account using your username and password to check the status of your account.

  • Visit The Bank

Visit a nearby bank branch as a less accommodating alternative. Find the closest bank branch online, verify the customer service hours, and travel with your credit card and identification.

  • Explore Your Credit Report

The fifth and final option is if none of the first four options are successful for you. You can find out if your card is active or not by looking at your credit report. This record lists your credit card status and will let you know if yours is disabled.

The report will note the deactivation of the credit card but not the reasons why. You should call or visit the customer service department of your bank to learn more about the causes.

Can Credit Cards Be Reactivated After Being Inactive?

Some credit cards can be reactivated by getting in touch with your bank’s customer service and asking for it. To use your card without restriction, you’ll probably need to pay past-due money. You won’t be able to reactivate it unless the bank can demonstrate that the cancellation was due to criminal activity.

Ask the customer service representative if you can reactivate the card what the required payment is and what the available balance is right now. However, once the card is activated, you can use online banking to check this information.

Summing Up

Even if your Credit card status is active, keep in mind that you are still responsible for making the minimum monthly payment on it. If you didn’t make payments while it was inactive, you would be subject to fines like expensive surcharge rates depending on how long you went without making payments as well as damage to your credit history.

Your credit score is unaffected if you leave it with a “zero balance” and do not use it for a long time. However, it will damage your credit history because lenders cannot assess your loan eligibility without current accounts if there hasn’t been recent activity.

For applicants, it’s crucial to check their credit card status in order to understand their chances of approval and the timelines involved. It is simple for applicants to keep a close eye on the status of their credit cards thanks to the availability of both online and offline modes.