After a long day at work, coming back home to your favorite shows and movies can be an enticing idea. However, if you own an old model that limits what you can possibly watch or do with your TV set, it might be a good idea to switch it for a Haier TV. The latter comes with a unique combination of features that are highly coveted in the market and can instantly transform your watching experience. Want to know how you can choose a model that suits you best? You can consult the following guide for the same.

Preparing a rough checklist beforehand might come in handy. Which model of Haier TV on EMI you choose depends on a number of factors, and these might include budget considerations, dimensions and Android/iOS compatibility, among others. However, there are some features that one should place on top of their checklist, which include the following.

Enhanced Display Features

For a lot of customers, the ultimate output of any LED TV is the viewing experience that is directly related to the outer display features. Haier TVs are designed keeping such a preference in mind. For instance, the Haier LE32K6200GA 32-inch HD Smart Android LED TV gives you an HD Ready display at a resolution of ‎1366 × 768 pixels. You can watch the latest movies and shows in fine detail and enhanced colors on this LED TV.

Internet Compatibility

Love watching Netflix and YouTube videos on your tablet or laptop? On an LED TV, the experience is tenfold better. Connect your Haier TV with a wireless connection like Wi-Fi or mobile internet, and you can stream your favorite documentaries and movies on the TV. At the next party, you can connect your LED TV to your music station, and impress your friends with the latest music in town. You can also give commands to Google Assistant built into the TV, or connect it with Alexa for comfortable and hands-free operation.

Multi-connectivity features

For those of us who use television for more than just watching shows or movies, this feature would come in extremely handy. Multi-connectivity options allow you to connect a secondary device like a smartphone to the LED TV and stream photo and video files on the screen seamlessly. Consider the Haier LE42A6500GA 42-inch Full HD Smart Android LED TV. It comes with smart features that make use of Miracast to sync with your secondary device, so you can view your photos, videos and enjoy gaming with multiple players simultaneously!

Dimensions and Size

Which model you buy depends to a large extent on the dimensions of the Haier TV. This, in turn, depends on your living or bedroom space. You can choose a compact model that comes with a convenient screen size – for instance, the Haier 80 cm (32-inch) HD Ready LED TV (LE32D2000). The LED TV comes with a sleek body and a 32-inch screen that can fit on an average-sized empty wall. The Haier TV packs in modern features such as HD Ready resolution and 16W audio output. Enjoy minimum lag with its high refresh rate of 60Hz!


Why most customers hesitate in choosing premium quality LED TVs is because of cost consideration. Haier TVs come in a wide range of prices to suit each customer in the market. From economical options to ultra-luxury models, you can pick your favorite model at your convenience. You can consider the Haier 80 cm (32 Inches) Android Smart HD Ready LED TV on EMI, which is a popular option among the low-cost models. On the other hand, the Haier 127 cm (65 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV (LE65K6600HQGA) can give you the ultimate luxury viewing. Each product comes with a brand-assured warranty.

Thus, depending on these factors, you can purchase your favorite Haier LED TV. The factors you need to consider directly influence your TV-watching experience. From the size of the TV to its display features and internet connectivity, all of these aspects dictate how convenient it is to watch your favorite content on the TV.

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