How to Clean Out A Clogged Sewer 

This is a time of year whenever will get blocked drains will get inevitable. So here you know about how to clean out a clogged sewer pipe. Nobody likes to face the situation when you flush the toilet, and it simply fills up, or you pull the blocked drains in the sink or tub, and nothing happens.

Blocked Drain
Blocked Drain

Few Home Remedies to Unclog A Drain:

  • Simple kitchen tricks can work wonderfully if you know how to apply them. Simple tricks like a kitchen sink plunger, baking soda, lemon juice and boiling hot water flush out most of the dirt and dust from the drains.
  • It’s undoubtedly going to be messy work, but; want to help you learn how to do the things you can do yourself to help save your time and money.
  • Ideally, the house would have a cleanout, both at the property line and close to the house. The plumber can check the drain lining and can work accordingly. The growth of trees around the drains can also block the source, and the plumbers can scoop that out.
  • These lower and upper cleanouts help determine if something is stuck between the house and the main. You can insert a plumbing snake into the line at one of these cleanouts to help isolate the problem.

Flushing and Waterflow-related problems:

  • Fortunately, this type of problem is rarer than the more typical problems found within the home. If you or a previous resident has made a habit of flushing grease down the drain, you may see signs of slow or no drain over time.
  • Knowing those fats, oils, grease, wipes, paper towels, and other items is essential. That tends to clog the pipes should not be flushed. Put those items in the trash instead. If sinks drain but the tub do not, you may have a buildup of hair clogging the pipes? Use properly blocked drains products as per clear instructions given. 

How to unblock a bathroom sink drain

The plumber can quickly dissolve and work well. The most common type of clog is simply flushing too much toilet paper along with your waste. That may fix blocked drains, saving your time and money and getting you back to full flow. You can use hot water, baking soda and vinegar but at the same time, there are various tools and instruments along with non-chemical cleaning ingredients that can allow you to clean and fix all blocked drain-related issues.

One more way to fix Drain Pipe is Unblocked Drain with salt

If the drainpipe chokes, then there is a lot of trouble. False spreads in the house, and there is a risk of infections. If there is such a problem in your home many times, then pay attention to the tips given here you work will also be made.

Blocked Drain
Blocked Drain

Home remedy for a blocked drain with running water

  • First, you need 1 kg salt & one bottle of bathroom acid.
  • The next step put down salt in the sewage chamber. After 5 minutes, put down bathroom acid in the chamber, then you wait half an hour. Please note when you are doing this process, do not flush water in the sewerage pipe. Make sure the sewerage pipe is dry.
  • After this, flush water in the sewage pipe and continue flush water in 15 minutes; now, check your blocked drains are opened.


Follow all the specific blocked drains remedies discussed above. If the still problem continues, call the drained specialist to resolve the issue. Try to hire a specialist who has years of experience and proper certification and who knows how to keep the drains working all the time.