To us, all car mechanics seem to be performing the same tasks. But in reality, not all car mechanics are equipped to do all types of repairing and maintenance jobs. For example, body mechanics specialize in dealing with cracks, vents, crevices, dents on car body surfaces and repairing or servicing them.

Then there are transmission mechanics whose job is to identify the flaws in the car transmission systems and fix them. We will be looking at the various types of mechanics in this article, and later we will also inform you on what you need to do for hiring the best mechanic.

What are the different types of mechanics?

So here we are in the section where we will help you to identify the job roles of each type of car mechanic:

Brake Repair Mechanics

The brake repairing mechanics excel in one department only, and that is in repairing and servicing the brake systems of a car. Again, different brake systems in a car, such as auto brakes, suspension brakes, disc brakes, etc.

Transmission Servicing Mechanics

The transmission servicing mechanics have a sound knowledge of the transmission service of a car. This is a larger realm of a car system that involves the engines, the fuel burning, emission system, gearbox, all of which provide mobility to the car.

Engine Installation And Servicing Mechanics

The engine mechanics excel in the art of installing, repairing, servicing, and other types of work, all of which are related to the engine of the car. You must only choose a certified car mechanic specialized in engine design and installation to be working along the installation lines in the automobile assembling factories.

Accessory Systems Repairing Mechanics

A car has various systems such as air conditioning systems, lighting systems, and musical systems. All these accessory systems can also develop a flaw.

You need to hire a mechanic who excels in the accessory repairing section. Remember that a faulty accessory system such as a malfunctioning AC system can damage the car batteries quickly that you anticipate. So don’t sit back on these minor issues and hire experienced personnel only.

Car Body Mechanics

A car body mechanic can repair the dents and cracks appearing on car bodies resulting from general wear and tear or even due to an accident.


Of course, you need to hire a mechanic from a car repairing agency to accept reimbursement from your car insurance policy. The car repairing agency, in this case, must be a listed partner of your car insurance. Do ensure to check this out.

Choose Certified Mechanic

Of course, don’t just hire any mechanic without checking if they are certified or not. Certified mechanics give you more trust and belief with their experience in handling the problems and also provide alternative solutions at reasonable costs.

Can They Provide Emergency Services?

At times your car may break down in the middle of nowhere. In such cases contracting with an emergency car mechanic in advance can be a bonus.

Cost And Time For Repairing

You cannot forget to check out two things when you are on the hunt for a mechanic. These are the time taken for repairing, which is essential as you might need your car daily for going to an office or any other task. The other thing would be the cost which you need to find out.


This blog covers all the details on the different types of mechanics and the tips that will help you find the best one. While shortlisting a few options, you must also enquire whether they provide emergency service and mobile servicing. With this basic guide, you will be able to find the right mechanic for the specific task.