A forklift is an industrial truck or towing machine used to lift and move materials over a short distance. It can also be commonly known as a lift truck or jitney. A Forklift is mainly used by manufacturing companies to lift and move raw materials or finished products across the factory floor. Apart from that, you can find some machines in warehouses to transport the goods to and from the warehouse to the trucks.

A Forklift Hire can save you cost and time. Forklifts are expensive, and you need to spend a huge amount to buy such machines for your business. Along with that, you need to spend additional costs for repair and maintenance, and it requires a huge parking space. To avoid such hassles, you can hire such forklifts at minimum cost.

Forklift Hire
Forklift Hire

6 Things You Have To Know Before Choose A Forklift Hire Services

There Are Several Things You Have To Know Before You Search For A Forklift Hire Services

  1. The type of power you want the forklift to use. You can choose from a variety of options but the most prominent power types used for operating forklifts are LPG, Diesel, and Electricity. Out of these, electric forklift hire is the most commonly used.
  2. Another important thing that you have to consider when choosing a forklift is the quantity or number of Forklifts. If you have a large warehouse or construction project then choosing more than one forklift is beneficial. However, if you have to operate in a smaller area where only a few items have to be moved around then you can easily choose a mobile forklift.
  3. The type of Forklift to best suit your needs:
    • Pallet Truck:

      This type of truck uses electricity for power. The different types of Pallet trucks provide versatile features which are very well suited to fit in any kind of environment. It is mainly used to move pallets in and around the warehouse.

    • Walkie Stacker:

      These are mainly used in warehouses and provide the safety and comfort to get work done easily. They are small and affordable, and you can use such forklifts to lift light as well as heavy loads. Make sure, you must check their load-bearing capacity before you choose.

    • Reach Truck:

      These types of trucks offer the most flexibility in warehouses due to their four-way steering system which allows directions like forward, reverse, sideways, and parallel. You can search for forklift hire services online and check their collection from their website.

    • Order Picker:

      They are made for use in small, narrow spaces which have high ceilings stacked with goods. All other types of forklifts get tricky to navigate in tight spaces but this kind is made especially for small business warehouses.

    • Counterbalance Forklift:

      This is the most common type of forklift. It can be used in all sorts of industries which include transport and logistics, general manufacturing, warehousing, and more.

    • Reach Stacker:

      This type of Forklift hire is designed for the loading and unloading of empty and fully loaded containers. There is no other Forklift that has the height and weight capacity of Reach Stackers.

    • Intermodal Reach Stacker:

      This type of Forklift is ideal for use in ports and rail yards. They have special telescopic lift legs which give them the capacity to lift both containers and trailers.

  4. The Maximum capacity that the Forklifts will need to lift (in Kg)
  5. The Maximum height that the Forklifts will need to reach (in mm)
  6. For certain types of Forklifts like the Container Handler or the Reach Stacker, the height of the container also has to be known. If you do not have any idea about such machines then you can take help from an expert.
Forklift Hire
Forklift Hire

The price of the Forklift Hire or forklift rental will depend on various things such as the duration for which the machine is hired, the site postcode and the distance from which the company can send its nearest machine, the type of Forklift and the assistance that the company will need to provide, the compensation of the operator, etc. Along with this, the images of the site will also have to be sent to certain companies so that they can give advice in regard to suitable models.