Everyone dreams of having a home, and with so many versatile options, you now have the leverage to pick the best one. What if we say you can take your home anywhere you want? Now you have the option of transportable homes. Let’s explore more about it.

The invention of new technologies has also made many of the impossible possible these days. Transportable homes are one such technological development involving a house that can be transported easily from one location to another. Transportable houses will offer you one of the best and most crucial choices to relocate to any place you see fit.

Besides, such houses also offer you many more benefits than expected. Currently, you can find different manufacturers who can provide you with a transportable home – a modular house. But to get an excellent and well-made cabin, you must choose a leading manufacturer. Are you planning on getting such a home with a perfect design? If yes, it would be better to consider all the important factors.

Here Is A Simple Guide To Help You Choose The Best Transportable Home. 

Transportable Homes

All About Transportable Homes

As its name suggests, a transportable home is a house that can be transported or moved onto a new location based on the owner’s choice. Such a house is usually built in one location – the factory or the manufacturer’s place and will be moved to a permanent or new location (after construction). Thus, they can be described as houses built in factories and delivered to the site for installation. A modular home can be transported again once installed in a new place. You can also find mobile and relocatable homes, transportable houses that you can move to new places based on the user’s choice.

Some Essential Things That You Must Consider While Planning On Building A Transportable Home

  • The Size Of The House

Usually, everyone thinks a transportable house will always be small, but that’s not true. The size of a transportable home can be anywhere from a small – 1 bedroom house to a big house with around 4 or more bedrooms. So you have ample space to accommodate a family.

People usually consider a small modular house to reduce the charges, including transportation costs. So, it is your choice to decide the size of the house. Modular houses are mainly constructed using good quality lightweight materials to make transportation easier. Apart from that, many manufacturers also offer specific customizable designs wherein you can convert the bedrooms to a living area (for example: converting 3 bedrooms to 2-bed rooms).

  • The Cost

The cost is another essential thing to know when choosing a transportable home. You can find various housing pricing plans based on size, building material, etc. Usually, modular homes in Australia cost around $40 to $60 per square foot. Some of Australia’s popular types of modular homes and costs are the following.

  • Brielle house design – around $86, 560
  • Aitape model – around $127,430
  • Banksia house model – around $103,500
  • Bolton design – around $128,199

Apart from the cost of the house, you should also consider the transportation costs, which will depend on its size. The materials that go into making such a house also impact the final value. The house manufacturers will offer different payment options like long-term payment, budget-based payment, etc. So, you can make the necessary payments based on your convenience (from the available choices.)

  • Consider Your Family’s Needs

Are you a person who has to relocate to different places constantly? You might need to constantly relocate from different places for several reasons, like work, as a hobby, etc. If you are in such a requirement, it would be best to consider a small transportable home – like a cabin to make things easier. Even though larger modular houses can be transported again, it will cost you more money and effort. So, always choose a house based on your needs or lifestyle.

  • Always Choose The Best Design That Offers Good Comfort

The two options currently available for houses are custom design and standard plan. By choosing the custom option, you can provide the manufacturers with a unique design based on your choice.

Transportable Homes


Choosing a transportable home offers you many benefits like saving money and time, low maintenance charges, flexible options, etc. It is much cheaper than constructing ordinary houses because they are made in the factory itself (where there is no need for transporting any other items). Above all, you can install the house anywhere based on your choice. So, make sure that you consider all the important things mentioned above and choose a suitable house accordingly.


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