Crane is a type of equipment or machine used in several industries. You have different types of cranes catering to the various requirements. Understanding the different benefits of these can help you make the right choice.

  • Cranes installed can increase the safety factor of a work place, especially if this requires lifting or moving heavy objects. Especially for the construction sites and manufacturing plants, you need to install some cranes for moving and lifting heavy materials.
  • Opting for overhead cranes, you save on the floor space of a specific warehouse. You can easily install the crane on the upper floor or you can also use the mobile crane to lift your goods. Small cranes can easily be used to access the narrow space of your project site.

Different Types of Cranes:

Information on some types of cranes used can be beneficial.

  • Vehicle Mounted Cranes: These cranes which are mounted on vehicles are usually used as temporary structures at the time of construction.  Most of these are mounted on trucks. These cranes have rubber wheels. These cranes are mainly used for lifting the automobile parts and cars. Automobile companies mainly transport their car with this crane.
  • Tower Cranes: Tower cranes work apt for the construction of building which are tall. They can lift approximately 20 tones and can reach to a height of almost 265 feet. These are fixed to the ground during the period of construction. They are anchored by large bolts and are fixed by using a base of concrete.
  • Crawler Crane: Though this crawler crane is a movable one, this moves on tracks which make this an apt option for the requirement on soft soils also.
  • Jib Cranes: Opting for the jib cranes from well reputed manufacturers you have a choice between the wall mounted cranes, pillar cranes and wall travelling.

Factors to be considered:

  • Objectives of the company and work of the equipment: Most industries tend to only look for the immediate requirement. Deciding on what this can be used for even in the future can make crane buying a worthwhile investment. Consider the height and the weight a crane is required for. You also need to consider the frequency of the usage of this crane. Apart from that, you need to hire trained professionals for crane installation because heavy crane installation is a hectic task and it can be done by trained professionals only.
  • Working Area: Determining the working area before buying a crane works ideal because you need to provide sufficient space for crane installation.  A wide space requires a different type of crane as compared to a space which is confined.
  • Capacity of the Load: The capacity of the crane determines how much load can be moved at one time. You need to ensure the safety of your workers and you must check the loading capacity of the crane. It is suggested that do not overload the crane and in case you are confused here it is advisable to ask an experienced dealer of the cranes.

Choosing a Crane Manufacturer:

Before deciding on a specific manufacturer for your requirement of crane you need to ensure you are offered the different options. The cranes need to be manufactured keeping the quality factor in mind and the crane must comply with all safety measurements. This works out be a little costly investment and careful consideration can ensure you are not wasting your money.

Conducting an online search, you can compare the prices and also go through the ratings and reviews of different manufacturers. This definitely makes choosing a crane easier. A little effort taken goes a long way in the quality of the crane installation.