When it comes to refreshing our wardrobe, winter is always everyone’s absolute favourite. Actually, who will not! Just think does any other season come with as many options for clothing as winter? No, absolutely not. Since winter is knocking on our door, time to wake up, have your morning cup full of coffee to shake off all the winter blues and start slaying the cold by trying something new with your outfits every day.

Get ready to be all out celebrating the winter with all your plus size outwears

While talking about the plus size fashion industry, the market showed a huge revolution and is now becoming competitive in bringing more fashionable and trendy designs for plus size dresses. One of the known plus size clothing companies, Kita Ku’s team, is devoted to expanding the market of trendy plus size clothing in Australia. It has become a choice for refreshing the plus-size wardrobes with comfortable yet trendy plus size dresses.

Since winter is all about fun and excitement, there is no point in rolling up in the blanket and staying inside, right? There is always an excuse for plenty of parties and activities during winter. Ice skating to sledding, holiday celebration to travelling, winter is a great time to get rid of those regular boring routines. Be it for your dinner party night or a casual outing with friends, always look as cool and chill as the weather, wrapping into the warmth of fur or wools and sinking yourself in comfy scarves.

Tips on how to invest in your winter wardrobe

Are you of that kind who loves shopping and slaying? Time to gift yourself some dresses for this holiday season to celebrate every day. Look over the following suggestions to get some ideas to slay the coolest season.

Flaunt every bulky layer

You can showcase your style, personality as well as stay warm while playing in layering your winter outfits. Of course, it takes time on mastering the layering; otherwise, you will look like a snowman with a bunch of your clothes. Keep playing around with different layered looks. Focus on the colour and fabrics, find out the pairing colours that go well, and choose different textures and weights. Also, keep your focus on the proportion of your layering to flaunt your curviness.

Enjoy the sweater weather

Keep your layering game right by choosing any style with your sweaters, as a sweater is always a popular choice to beat winter. Cotton, polyester, wool, to cashmere choose any cosiest material. In addition, you will get versatile types of sweaters such as cardigans, pullovers, V-neck, tunics etc. Though some plus size women don’t enjoy sweaters as they find their bodies unflattering with sweaters. For them, long sweater dresses can be one fresh way to style, or they can just add a long open cardigan as a layer.

Experiment with fabrics and look fly

Some commonly used fabrics for winter are wool, knit, fur, velvet, silk, leather, flannel. You can pick wool for suits, skirts and jackets, leather for your outdoor coats and hats, velvet or silk for your shirts, occasional dresses, faux far for your coats or trim gowns. No matter what you plan on wearing, make sure the fabrics will keep you warm and toasty.

It’s all about creating combinations

Are you getting tired and bored looking at the same old ensemble of yours? Keep experimenting on your type of winter outfit combination and get yourself prepare to look good and feel good. For example, discovering an old knitted top and combining that with your newly bought leather jacket will give you a new look along with boosting your confidence. Likewise, style your turtleneck top with your statement pant that you haven’t worn for years and find a new you. That is how you can try combining all your winter pieces and make those weather appropriate.

Play with colors, prints and designs

Don’t just go for plain ones; otherwise, you will look plain boring. But, of course, you don’t want to look washed out, right? So keep playing with multiple colours, patterns and designs. Though some say darker colours flatter the plus-size body most, but why not try other colours too! What’s the worse that might occur? So along with the colours, keep your game on and embrace unique and trendy designs, prints and patterns. Don’t hesitate in experiencing and overcome your fashion fears.

Don’t forget to add accessories

Dress up your outfit with accessories. For winter, hats, scarves, gloves, earmuffs are must-haves. You can go for any colour, be it pop off or neutral. Add more interest to your plain outfit with jewellery accessories, hair accessories, bags, and belts to make your look more polished. For example, use the style hack by adding a belt to give your coat a structured look or wear an oversized minimalist earring to add more details to your fashion. So, remember, before heading out, make your outfit more styled with your winter toppers.

Maintain balance in your look

You don’t need to sacrifice your pleasing look to feel warm when choosing your outfit of weather appropriate and figure-flattering. Choose the layers, fabrics wisely to look warm and chic too. While layering, try to add more colour and print, add texture with leathers, fur or heavy knits and show a combination of loose and fitted clothes. Bring your wintry and cosy vibe while enhancing your curviness.

These could be some of the hacks you are looking for. But, except for these, there are also many other hacks to style during winter. Actually, no matter what you do, whatever outfit you pick, make sure that you are putting emphasis on your plus size body. Love your curve and accentuate your assets; make it visible. Don’t limit your fashion experience; rather, keep exploring and experimenting.