When you are using a device, problems are very natural to arise. But for the Acer laptops there are some of the primary problems that you might face. Knowing them would make it easier for you to find the solution.

In this article we provide you with the primary problems that you are going to face if you possess an Acer laptop.

Problem with Acer laptops

Power on Problems

Problems related to power on are mentioned as follows:

  • Make sure that the battery is perfectly inserted into the machine. Check the internal communication of the laptop. If any issues arise, then it is time for you to purchase a new computer.
  • You might need to recharge the battery.
  • The battery may also get defected. In that case, remove the power plug after charging for 20 minutes. You can also try with a restart. If restarting the device does not work, then replacement is required.
  • After connecting the battery to the power source, an orange light is noticeable followed by a blue light. If it does not occur, then be rest assured that there are problems with Acer laptops.

Display Problems

The display problems arising in your acer laptop are mentioned as follows:

  • Appearance of black is an indication that your device has been affected by a virus. You can try to solve it by pressing the F8 key. Recovery Management is also an option. These will allow your device to return to its original factory settings.
  • Replace the cracked LCD screen to avoid a broken display.

Overheating Problems

Problems created due to overheating in your acer laptop are mentioned as follows:

  • Overheating due to the running of many applications simultaneously is one of the most common problems with Acer laptops. You can detect it quite easily. Close all the programs that are open, restart the device. You will hear the sound of the fan is gradually reducing.
  • A damaged fan can also lead to overheating. Turning off the computer for sometime can be helpful. The fan is supposed to start automatically. If it does not do so, then the fan processor needs replacement.
  • Accumulation of dust can also clog the fan processor. To clear the passage, blow compressed air into it.

Other issues

Other than power on, display and overheating, there are several problems that may arise in your Acer laptop. They are mentioned as follows:

  • Problems may arise in the sound card or sound drive. There might be a wrong speaker setting as well.
  • Excessive use of memory stifles the performance of your device. RAM needs a replacement for speeding up a sluggish computer.
  • If your device is running out of space, then get hold of a larger hard drive.
  • There may be defects in the keyboard also.


It is natural for any device to face problems. Handling your device with utmost care can sometimes help you prevent them.