A single-plane sewer blockage pipe runs underneath from the residence to the roadway in residences with sanitary sewer connections. A blocked public sewage drain grate may, at the very best, cause trash and untreated sewage to recover into a flat’s foundation or floor drainage. A clogged sewage drain could be a major issue that can turn into a mechanical disaster and a health hazard.

Sewage sludge may be recovered into the plumbing or up via basement sewers if it doesn’t have a path to the main sewage system or sewage field. You must not use any of the apartment’s infrastructure until the blockage is resolved whenever a sewage line drainage clog occurs.

Causes Of Sewer Blockage- Points To Note

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To prevent trying to contend with working in the service or public sewage line installation, it’s always a matter of learning what leads to the main sewer blockage or even what the numerous safety signs are also to watch out for. Read on to know further certain causes of sewer blockage to have an overall better understanding.

  • Severely Damaged Pipes

Shifting topsoil related to increased pedestrian traffic or large, heavy machinery on the land well above a pipeline would seriously harm a primary sewage line. Degradation of sewage pipes can lead to water leakage or failure.

  • Sewer Line Sagging

This might happen when a piece of the pipeline descends due to differential terrain or soil properties. The sinking region will gather waste, causing sewer blockage to recur.

  • Entangled Tree Roots

While the root system begins to develop, it is important to find a water supply. Consequently, root systems can occasionally hook onto a major drainage pipe and develop within the pipeline as a consequence of this. The plants will force the pipelines to burst as they develop and extend.

  • Flushed Items In Drain

The current leading cause of primary sewer blockage is flushing objects other than stationery or faecal matter right down the drain. It’s critical to understand what you may and what you can wash down the drain.

Unlocking A Sewer Blockage- Points To Note 

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Finally, a specialist who understands how to drain a sewage line is required. However, there must be a few things you can do to help relieve the blockage until your plumber arrives.

A sewage line cleanout, which would be a huge pipeline with such a valve on the bottom that is mostly found on the outside of your house.This cover may be removed to provide entrance to your primary sewer line. If you’re fortunate, the clog will also be shoved towards your cleanup, and you’ll be able to remove it physically.

You may also use a plumber’s shovel to clean up the sewer blockage. This may help you remove several materials or end things like the obstruction. On the other hand, Sewer line obstructions are frequently so large that a simple drain digger will not clear the blockage.

In many cases, slithering your sewage pipe will only start rolling and flowing slightly, providing a way to sweep up backflow and even get the house back in working order. It is advised to take into account that obstructions are likely to occur until your sewage line is thoroughly cleaned. The primary blockage will still require the services of a qualified construction worker.


At the end of the day, if you fail to diagnose and effectively repair a sewer blockage, it is no doubt, you may end up affectingyour family’s workplace safety. Although there are certain drain cleansing and maintenance strategies that you would use to unblock a drain, major drainage system repair must be done by a trained expert.