A wise man once said, “Prevention is better than cure.” Well, with time and age, we have come to apply these words of wisdom in different areas of our lives such as Parenting. With children you can never get a manual on parenting because every kid is different, and every kid poses different challenges for parents alike. However, when it comes to online safety, parents cannot employ the same tactics that they would use when ensuring their kids physical safety. One of these very commonly used tactics is known as stalking. But as history has taught us time and again, plain simple stalking will not necessarily get you anywhere. Your kid’s online safety depends on the preventive measure you take beforehand. With monitoring applications like Theon espy, these preventive measures have become a piece of cake!

Here’s How These Spying Applications Can Help You Accomplish Many Things:

Remotely Accessing Their Gadgets

Perhaps the best part about monitoring applications is their ability to allow you remote access into the target gadget without the owner of that gadget ever finding out. It’s classical spying tactics, however in the case of kids; this feature can come handy. Basically, parents can use remote access into their kids’ phone and other gadgets as such to see what kind of applications they are using or even make changes to their safety measures via the control panel of the gadgets. Moreover, parents can also update various safety measures and applications remotely through this feature as well.

Prompt Notifications On Many Issues

You may be busy with you own things but that doesn’t mean you can keep an eye off of your kids habits without as much as turning a cheek. However, with monitoring applications, you can have the comfort of knowing that you will be prompted every time your kid breaches security measures. Prompts are possible on these accounts:

1. When you kid breaches a preset geo tag and perimeter fence. Basically, tracking your kid can be a hassle no one wants to take up, hence assigning geo tracks not along give your kid independence but also helps you keep them in a safe place.

2. You receive prompts in case the kid’s gadget is stolen and the intruder tries to change the phone’s sim card.

3. You also get a prompt if your kid’s phone goes offline for no good reason. Although accidents can happen like the gadget drowning but you must always be alerted about these mishaps.

Checking Their Gadget’s Multimedia

Stalking your kids’ online behavior externally is very low-level stalking. With monitoring applications, you can have intricate access into your kid’s gadget. Basically, online stalking can be altered through different privacy settings which our kids are all too familiar today. However, having access into the kid’s gadgets memory allows you to check for any hidden surprises before the world gets a full view off when they go online which they will because children are reckless and often don’t understand what and what should not go online.

Decrypting Communication Channels

You are very well known by the company you keep. However, with no as such play dates to chaperone in today’s era, parents find it increasingly difficult to keep a track of their kids friends and peers. Kids today are very social and can get into the wrong circles if not monitored closely. With spying applications, you have complete access into your kids’ communication directories. These directories include:

  • WhatsApp contacts and chats
  • Various messenger chats and contacts like the Facebook Messenger, IM, etc.
  • Email accounts and channels.
  • Social media chat rooms
  • Skype and other video chat outlets
  • Tapping into Messages received via the phone line provider.
  • Tapping into live calls.

There is always an online cloud which saves all these communications in case you are unable to monitor them live, or in case you are looking to keep some backup evidence for other purposes like those needed in law-and-order situations. Parents can now know easily without a doubt who their kid is intricately involved with and who they are hanging out with regularly. On the basis of this information, they can also advice their kids accordingly.

Stalking may be easier and hassle free but it is not the real thing. You will never get to know the real picture through stalking as much information will be lost or not accessible to you through an external channel. However, with monitoring spying software you don’t have to worry about anything of this sort, as all information is always available to you at the tip of your fingers.