In recent years, besides the trend of wild tourism which is very popular, there is also a new type of tourism that has emerged and received the attention of many tourists, which is Wellness health tourism.. Popular activities such as yoga on the beach, meditation, hot spring baths, therapeutic massages, beauty treatments… experience natural activities that help relax and relieve stress or connect with local people and local culture.

1.  Cabo San Lucas, México

Cabo is known as a party paradise, but it’s also home to old-fashioned wellness services. Popular health tourist destinations here include Montage Los Cabos with a therapist guiding visitors through energy transformation methods, El Ganzo hosting moon yoga sessions, or One & Only Palmilla offering methods Ancient healing methods such as herbal smoke or herbal body cleansing combined with deep massage.

In particular, at Grand Velas Los Cabos, some therapists use the stretching technique “stretching” with a Mexican shawl in contact with the skin to relax the muscles of the body. With so many options, what you get in this Mexican travel itinerary is a feeling of refreshment and enjoyment after a tiring day.

2. Thai therapeutic massage

Thai massage is a wonderful therapy that can relieve stress and tension in muscles and joints, increase vitality and promote blood circulation. Typically, an address in Thailand that is famous for its Wellness method of health care is Phuket. Any visitor who sets foot in the land of the Golden Temple does not want to miss the opportunity to experience and enjoy the full range of massage therapies by people who possess the world’s leading massage techniques.

Not only helping visitors relax according to the process, Wellness devotees when coming to Thailand also have the opportunity to participate in a multi-day course and turn the experience into useful knowledge, raising the bar in their lives. living. In addition to skillful techniques, Thailand also offers unique spaces that make a deep impression and arouse curiosity and excitement for visitors such as luxurious but elegant architecture like a Roman palace.

3. Indian Meditation

Wellness is not only about physical health, in fact, but people also look to wellness to be a shelter for the soul more. In today’s society, the faster the pace of life, the more the need to find oneself is also flourishing.

Famous in India, there is Ayurveda beauty method from 5000 years ago with a personal level of treatment such as anti-aging, beauty. This treatment method is included in a 21-day wellness tour in India, each tourist will be treated by a dedicated 1-on-1 specialist. Including body detoxification, purification. and proper diet. A great thing about this course is that you will be practicing yoga, meditating in a temple located deep in the gorge built in the 17th century. Rejuvenating the skin, the cells in the body, you will be young and beautiful. stronger and more resilient.

This meditation course costs $6314, you can take advantage of discount codes, coupons to be able to save more. Quite a luxury but very enjoyable to prolong youth.

4. Myanmar Buddhism

Myanmar gives people a strange sense of peace, not the hustle and bustle, simple simplicity, and beautiful scenery like in ancient stories about Buddhism. There are also sacred temples and world-famous Buddha statues like India and Thailand, but Myanmar alone is given a special name “Buddha-land”.

In Myanmar, there are thousands of temples, large and small, the most famous ones being the Golden Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon and the Golden Rock Pagoda in Kyaikto town, Thaton District. The temples and Buddhist history have attracted Buddhist pilgrims as well as developing mental health tourism here. Wellness Myanmar tourism brings visitors to visit the Buddha Land and experience the spirit of Buddhist practice, chat with monks, and seek tranquility for the mind to be liberated.

5. Indian Yoga

A land of cultural diversity and rich in ancient wisdom, India is known for its traditional medicine system that uniquely treats health and well-being. Among these traditional systems of medicine and way of life, Yoga is the science of increasing the body’s health and flexibility.

Yoga in India will help you reduce stress as well as rejuvenate your body or join the experience of a combination of holistic treatments and healthy eating that will leave you feeling refreshed.

6. Korean salt rock sauna bath

When coming to Korea, one of the experiences that tourists love and want to try the most is going to a salt rock sauna to help relax the body and spirit after a long journey.

In Korea, visitors who love Wellness health care will have different service packages depending on their time and relaxation needs. Basically, visitors will go through the steps in the treatment such as a normal sauna, an 85-degree salt rock sauna, a cold sauna, and a dip in each water tank with different temperatures to help both physically and mentally. wonderful relaxation. Stepping out of the bathroom, a refreshing feeling pervades the whole body, on every cell and crept in with each breath.

7. Dolomites, Italy

The capital is famous for its hiking mountains for hikers, but the health care service here is much more profound and worth experiencing. Over the past hundred years, the Dolomites have been famous for their “grass bathing”. Guests just need to lie on the “herbal cushions” to treat the body and feel rejuvenated in spirit.

The air in the Alpe di Siusi mountain range will bring a real purity of quality and have the ability to “purify” the body. Therefore, a lot of adventure travel companies have organized health and sports tours. Guests will start their day with cliffside yoga, then hike and end the day with meditation or therapy in the evening.


Above are the best destinations for a budget-friendly wellness experience. During the holiday season, you can take advantage of discount codes and coupons to experience more savings. I Hope you have a very happy trip and always be healthy.