Engineered timber is like the solid wood and it is easier to install as well. Engineered timber is less affected by the moisture damage. It is for the ideal flooring. These engineered woods can fit any style or needs.

In the engineered flooring there is different engineered timber option like the Maison rustic oak or prestige oak. You cannot find out rich looking flooring like real hardwood. Many things can be deceiving. In the top, there can be real wood; and underneath that it is plywood layers. The top and the bottom are 100% natural and come in different variety. The middle is based with 5 to 7 layers of plywood. The result and the usage are pleasing. It was invented in late 20th century and with time, it has seen great improvement in appearance, quality and durability.

There Are Several Benefits If You Use Engineered Timber Flooring.

Multiple installation option: It provides layered construction and stability in the volatile environment. These woods can be installed in areas where the solid wood is not suitable like basements, concrete floors. This provides you versatile options where you want a beautiful result. Where durability, humidity or temperature is big concerns, engineered wood is the top of list in the order.

Easy Installation: it is suitable and can be installed by budget minded owners. This can save significant amount of money and can provide you lovely result.

Affordability: the timbers are less expensive than any other solid wood. It is thicker material and can be sanded and used multiple times. It can be less expensive if you take professional services.

No requirement of subfloor: In engineered timber, there is any need to plywood subfloor. It can be installed directly on concrete without installation of plywood first. If your space have concrete sun floor, then you can use this as it is less expensive and less complicated to install.

Versatile and appealing: If you use engineered timber, it has to be warm and should have inviting atmosphere. It is available in wide range of colour and options like chic, modern, rustic, industrial and urban. It provides timeless appearance and style.

Stability: Engineered floor are stable in layered condition. But layers run perpendicular to each other. It is very useful for extension and contraction. The increased stability gives you the option by which you can go with wider planks and can be cost effective.

Refinishing: Engineered woods can be sanded and refinished at least once or many times.

Better for world: Timber products are sustainable option in flooring. It takes sustainability and its top layers are thinner. It requires less wood than solid timber. It is better to use for limited resources.

Better for healthy:  Engineered woods are better for health and provides lots of advantages. It has positive effect on mental health and has stress reducing effect. If anyone has allergies, then timber flooring should be on the top of list for flooring options. It provides cleaner indoor environment. It does not harbor mould, pollen, dust or any irritating allergens.

Engineered timber wood are very versatile and can be beneficial for home, office or space. It can feel larger when engineered flooring is installed. It is ideal for cramped rooms. It is excellent choice for kitchen and dining space where spill and scratches are guaranteed. It is suitable for areas where there is traffic.

Engineered timber floor is low maintenance and easy to take care for, they can be treated same like as solid timber flooring. While using it you have to avoid detergents. Regular sweeping and cleaning is required for the maintenance.

Now you know all the benfits of engineered timbers. Choose it to change the appearance of your house or office as early as possible.