Abayas are back in trend today; earlier abayas were worn for the religious purpose only. Today women don stylish yet beautiful abayas to cater to their religious yet worldly fashion needs. Abayas are basically an Arab fashion; in countries like Saudi Arabia or a few Arab states, you would see women fashionably carrying different abaya styles. And inspiring women worldwide to adopt more modest styles without compromising over their style.

Pulling on stylish neck-to-toe abayas, women in apparently conservative countries like KSA are now making fashion statements by pairing up their chic abayas with high heels. Draped in shimmering embellishments, women today are taking on the world, confident in their skin because of the comfort and ease that these abayas provide. The new abaya trends and their collections that sought to redefine the abaya as a stylish overcoat suitable not just for Muslims but also for women worldwide are discussed below.

Let 2021 be the change in the abaya and modest fashion and see how this new era can modify the way people see abaya as a modern piece of clothing and not conservation and change their perception about it. Women today can dress however they want and be as successful as any man can. So, let’s see the abaya trends that we are expected to see in 2021.

1. The stonework on black abayas

Abaya Fashion Trends

Black abayas have always been in fashion; in fact, the overall trend of wearing abaya started with the black abayas only. It is apparently more religious and modest in its look. Apart from it, since it’s black, ladies prefer it more because of its elegance and grace. No new year can change the fact that black outfits standouts the most among other colors; they always have the edge over other hues.

However, the abaya embroidery can change with each passing year; 2021 will be introducing old stonework as it looks more captivating and attractive. The addition of silver and gold thread work on the clothing piece would automatically raise the abaya’s overall look. The embroidery work designs can be more improved by going diamonds and beads stonework on them.

2. Coat abayas

Coat style abayas, popularly known as Turkish abayas, are back in fashion today as women find them more comfortable for casual wear. These abayas are perfect for quick grocery runs or to pick up your child from their schools. Coat abayas are made with jersey, silk, wool, and leather, and they are best to be worn in winters. These gorgeous pieces of abayas can just double up your overall look and appearance.

These coat abayas are not restricted to black color only; you can style them in various striking colors such as emerald green, cream, white, brown, black, and navy blue. The contemporary designers are now more focused on making intricate and beautiful scarfs that will make your overall look more appealing.

3. Butterfly Jersey abaya

Butterfly Jersey abaya

Women who are not comfortable wearing straight abayas as they feel it gives away their body shape can now sit at ease as the new abaya trends are now introducing butterfly abayas. It is a loose-cut abaya made with a material covering your whole body; the fabric is not seen through.

The most striking thing about the fabric is it does not really need ironing; it’s light and gives perfect fall. If you wish to give it a fancy touch, you can always add some trendy beads, pearls, and tussles on both abaya shoulders to embellish it.

4. Multi-hued abayas

Gone are the days when women used to wear black abayas only; today, you can wear the abaya in any color and still rock your look. Remember, the key is to feel confident in your attire, regardless of color or fabric. Light grey, sea green, maroon, tea pink, and brown color abaya trends have been long in trend.

In current trends, abayas are not worn for the religious purpose only, but it is one of the trendiest fashion statement in the current stage. Moreover, to give them a little fancy look to rock them at the parties, you can always add some lacey abayas to your wardrobe.

5. Bouguessa style abaya

Latest Abaya Fashion Trends

Who would have thought there would come a time when women would be wearing western-styled abayas. If you wish to give a little of the western touch, go for bouguessa abaya. Mostly these abayas are available in two contrasting shades, you can go with any contrast you wish to go with, but nothing can ever beat the classic combo of black and white.

Bouguessa abaya is easier and comfortable to wear, you can pair them up with a lovely plain hijab, and you are all set to be the showstopper of the party.

Wrapping up

The current abaya trends are more focused on changing the stigma around abaya and hijab worldwide. With the perfect fusion of chicness and modesty, the current generation would be more accepting of this modest fashion. Apart from it, the primary purpose is to ensure the negative label of being conservative and shallow-minded people on the religious and abaya-clad women is removed. The new abaya trends make sure women confidently carry abayas and excel in their field without having a fear of being a conservative and underserving candidate