If you are looking for the perfect venue for party hire, then there are certain things to take a note of. Parties and ceremonies are common, and as a host, you would want to give your guests a perfect party with memorable facilities. This includes hospitality services, food, and other things that can turn your party into a success. But before jumping into the details, you need to understand what type of rented space would be perfect for your party. This could be resorts, villas, bungalows, cruise boats, and many more. The type of venue you choose largely depends on the type of occasion you want to celebrate at the venue and the number of guests who would be attending your party.

Here are the top 5 things that you need to look for party hire

Cost of Hiring the Place

You need to have a well-defined budget in mind while looking for a space for party hire. The cost of booking a five-star bungalow or resort could be very high. The best place to know the nearest venues is the internet.

Pre-booking checklist for a venue include:

  • Booking cost of the venue
  • Down payment to be done
  • Know what types of occasions they host
  • Note down the contact numbers and contact the owners of the venue

Another very important thing is to know about transport convenience. The transport communication needs to the rented space should be good and have multiple routes such as nearby train stations, bus depots, taxis stands, etc.

Number of Guests It Can Accommodate

The floor space is extremely important when you need a space for party hire. So, contact the landlord and also go for a visit to the venue and check if the halls and rooms are big enough for your needs. State the number of guests you will be having and check whether the space is sufficient.

Car Parking Facilities

This is important, as majority of your guests will be arriving in private or rented cars. If there is not enough car parking space, then it could be quite a harassment for your guests to park their cars. Make an average calculation of the number of cars that might be coming to your occasion. When you visit the venue for party hire, check if there is parking space big enough to accommodate your guests’ cars. If you want to give some extra service and comfort to your guests, ask the manager if they provide valet service also or not.

Overnight Accommodation Facilities

When you are on a visit to the venue, do check they have overnight staying facilities for you and your guests. After the party is over, you and some of your guests may prefer staying at the venue and leaving overnight. For instance, some of them may be drunk and may decide not to drive back to their home.

If they have overnight accommodation facilities, here are a few things to check:

  • Ask about how many rooms do they have for overnight stay
  • See if the rooms are spacious enough and have all the basic amenities for the night stay
  • Check what is the an extra amount they charge over the booking amount
  • Find out the official checkout time the next day, in case you opt for an overnight stay

In-House Catering Services

When it comes to events or parties, one thing that people will judge you on is the menu, quality and taste of food served. This is by far the most important factor for hosting a grand occasion. You must ensure that the best food is served to your guests and the menu has adequate options for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian guests.

Things to ask about the catering and food:

  • Does the venue have an in-house catering service?
  • How good and renowned is their catering?
  • In case you want to bring your own catering, will it give permissions?
  • What is the cost per plate?
  • Do they offer you to select the menu or do they have a pre-designed menu?

When it comes to booking a venue for party hire, ensuring the best hospitality and food for your guests should be the primary factor. This will ensure that guests remember your party for a long time.