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Water logging anywhere around the wall or loosely compacted soil are the two major enemies of such walls.  Retaining walls can deeply enhance the overall look of your yard or garden but when it comes to maintaining it to last for the longest time, there are a few tips which every owner must follow or else their beloved wall will take no time to come crumbling down like a piece of cake. Special precautions are to be taken in winters when the chances of water seeping into them and freezing are higher.

Why is regular maintenance important?

These walls retainers have the tendency to stand tall till years but once it starts to wear down it wears down at an unimaginable speed which may be difficult to control and that is why regular maintenance is necessary. The integrity of the wall may be easily challenged by a minor unattended crack on the wall. It will collapse in such a case arises and the sad part is that these walls are hardly repairable.

Points to note when getting retainer walls installed

Once it collapses, the only option left is to rebuild the entire portion which can be very messy when it comes to retaining walls. Some of the tips that will help you get the best of these walls are mentioned below:

  • Inspect the walls regularly

Special care is to be taken during the winter season when the wall may get buried under the snow. When the snow melts, there are high chances of the water oozing into the walls to make them weak. That is why it is suggested to keep inspecting the walls at regular intervals. One should inspect these walls at least a couple of time in a month to ensure that everything is alright. Any signs of bulge on the walls indicates that the soil is shifting.

  • Do not treat the walls unnecessarily

It is understood that one needs to treat the walls with ice prevention coating, but you should also know that such products degrade the stones as well. It can slowly erode the stones which will end up doing more harm to the retaining walls than any good. You should immediately call a professional to treat this bulge before it makes path for water to enter inside.

  • Regular drainage cleaning

Along the walls you have the drain system which allow proper check on the soil flow. As stated above, a good drainage system is a friend of such walls as it prevents water logging and allowing it to enter the retaining wall. Constructing such system is not all but preventing it from clogging is also your responsibility. It clogs and chokes back then its entire purpose fails.

  • Refilling the eroded soil

After every season it is the duty of the owner to inspect any kind of soil erosion that has happened over the season and if you find some of it then it should be immediately refilled with soil or other materials. Leftover depressions on the ground can lead to pooling, which will eventually erode the stone faster than you would have expected.

  • Keep the area around the walls densely planted

It is a well-known fact that soil erosion can be controlled by planting trees and plants around the affected area. The root holds on to the soil and its stem distributes the flow of water decreasing soil erosion. Remove any dead patches that you may find and re-plant if you want a long last retaining wall.

Suppose you want to possess an everlasting retaining wall then there are just a few simple precautions and steps that are to be taken. These kinds of walls need a little extra attention, but it returns the favour by adding to the beauty to the exterior of your property. Well maintained retaining walls are eye catchy and it will definitely want the visitors to stop and appreciate the beauty that it adds to your lawn. You must contact the best contractors for the installation of such walls.