“TTY Mode” is the newest feature for the Apple iPhone, introduced in iOS 5. This useful function enables a user to type text messages while also holding the touch screen of their phone. There are some differences between this feature on an iPhone and a “virtual keyboard”. The difference is that when the user types text messages in a computer or other text input device, they have to hit the keys in succession, pressing the space bar as well as the return key, in order to complete the sentence.

When the user types in a text message on the iPhone, they are able to do so with much more ease and fluidity than when using a virtual keyboard. It is much easier for the user to press the Enter key and return to typing the next word. With a “virtual keyboard”, it requires that the user hit the keys one after another, making it difficult to type in sequence. The “TTY mode” on an iPhone helps to eliminate this problem and makes it much easier for the user.

What is this new feature? iPhones have a virtual keyboard built into them, but it only works for text messages and not what many users would consider “normal” phone calls. In fact, with incoming calls, a person can use the virtual keyboard to write down the number and then press send, taking the phone call through the text message system. Unfortunately, there are times when the user desires to reply to an email or a quick message and they can’t do so because they haven’t written out the message to begin with. This is where the tty mode comes in handy, enabling the user to type out the message as they see it and then send it as an email or quick response.

So, how do you enable the tty mode on your iPhone? There are a few different methods, depending on which version of the operating system your phone is running. The first method is to simply go into Settings > General and select “switch to the mode”.

The second method is slightly more complicated and requires the user to perform a series of actions in order to get the feature working. It starts by going to “Settings > Messages” and tapping the overflow box next to” texting”. Once you have done this, you will be prompted to choose a tty mode. At this point, you will have two choices – enabling full texting and just using text messages, or enabling the tty mode.

If you have already got used to typing in text messages, you should find that the in-built tty mode will be automatically selected and the phone will switch to that mode without any user intervention. For those users who have not yet gotten used to writing and sending long messages through the computer, you will need to enable the tty mode by tapping “Settings” and then tapping” Messages”. If you see a tick next to the tty option, this means that the feature has been enabled.

If you find that the computer is too slow for you have to type quickly enough to send the message, you can just try switching, to the tty mode. To do this, you must first make sure of that your mobile phone, is switched on. You can then just tap “Settings” to bring up the various language settings. If you are in another country than the one, you use on your regular phone, you should also enter this country code to ensure that your roaming fees are properly billed.

The last way that you can enable the tty mode on your iphone is to use the software update facility. This is very simple and can be easily performed by going to the system settings and selecting updates. You can then find the option to enable the tty mode and you should set the same to “On”. If you want to be able to use it even when you are not at home, you should enable the tty mode while you are away from home by going to the auto-notification area of the phone and tapping the overflow menu.

How to use TTY Mode?

For those who get a compatible handset, then using TTY style is straightforward. You’re going to require a teletypewriter, a TTY cable, along with your phone, needless to say. Usually, that the TTY cable may connect into the sound jack. After this you should show on TTY style and move from that point.

Complete TTY usually means that there’s text-only communication on either side of the device call. HCO represents”Hearing carry over” so you simply hear a voice browse the incoming text and then you also type the incoming text. VCO represents”Voice carryover” so you speak the incoming text and be given a text back as your incoming communicating. HCO settings are generally amplified for that hard of hearing. Be careful with cans and hands on ear-pieces when allowing HCO for the higher volume.

Whenever you empower TTY manner, other mobile functions might not operate correctly. Based upon your telephone, you may possibly well not be capable of using SMS or standard voice calls using it empowered. Therefore, in the event that you never work with a teletypewriter, it is logical to continue to keep the atmosphere changed away to be able to have use of a mobile’s full functionality.

The Four configurations:

There are normally 4 settings to select from, TTY Away, TTY Complete, TTY HCO along with TTY VCO.

OFF: is quite straightforward, as this means TTY Mode isn’t allowed in any way.

FULL: It is for the text-only communications which is both ways without a sound component. TTY VCO is always beneficial if both the parties possess  the speed or hearing impairments. It’ll send & receive only in the text from your teletypewriter at each conclusion.

TTY HCO: Is for Hearing the Carry Through so that the messages have been routed, via text received as sound. Used chiefly, for the language diminished. Think about the text to speech programs & you are surely going to comprehend the gist with that of the setting. TTY HCO is always beneficial when the caller gets the language impairments, however, the called party will not. The teletypewriter can able to send the information via text whereas the answers is going to soon be sound.

TTY VCO: Is for Voice carryover, this usually means that you converse and the teletypewriter at the opposite, end turns it to text. Messages have been received in the text, & also this particular setting is used chiefly for hearing the impaired. Think about the speech-to-text apps & you are going to comprehend the gist with that of the setting. TTY VCO is utilized while the caller is, hearing impaired, however does not have any difficulties while using language. The caller transmits the message audio and receives the answers like text.