There is a buzz around your head, a spider climbs comfortably along with the ceiling, and a few wasps have chosen your freshly baked cake for lunch – a clear case for fly swatter and chemical club! For real? No, because insects are beneficial creatures and should not be killed. There is another way! It is better to ensure that wasps, mosquitoes, spiders and all the other insects do not even find their way into your apartment with precisely fitting frames, insect protection doors and much more.

Well, it’s time to remove the old, holey nets from the windows and throw the rickety plastic frames in the trash. Opt for a permanent, high-quality solution.

Insects are unpleasant guests in the house. Fortunately, there are magnetic fly screens in many designs and colours to keep the crawling animals away. Fly screens are nothing less than a provider of a wonderful, fresh and healthy living environment, without itchy bites, sticky faeces on the cupboards, fly eggs in food or rodents in the basement.


Benefits of magnetic fly screens

Healthy living and sleeping without insects in the house

Always fresh air and a pleasant climate in the home result in excellent sleeping and living comfort. Those who like to sleep with the window open in the summer are rested in the morning. No annoying mosquitos, no itchy bites will be there to annoy. You can even switch on the light in the bedroom for reading in the evening. This will protect your children, too, especially if they are allergic to stings. Fly eggs in food, buzzing under the kitchen lamp, faeces on furniture and oppressive summer heat will soon be a thing of the past with magnetic fly screens. It’s time to treat yourself to clean apartments, rest, restful sleep and more vitality. Without a guilty conscience, because the useful creatures are not killed, and the view of your windows and doors is not compromised.

Buy a permanent solution

The ugly adhesive strips on the window are a thing of the past. The rickety and leaky wobbly frames will no longer dull your windows. Buying magnetic fly screens is not only much cheaper but also more sustainable and environmentally friendly than short and medium-term disposable products.

Your contribution to the protection of insects

Insect protection is ambiguous for us! It’s not just about protecting yourself from insects; it’s also about safeguarding the insects!

Do you know? If the last bee dies, humanity can survive a maximum of 3 years! This is scientifically proven.

Nevertheless, we are incredibly indifferent to useful creatures, especially in agriculture and thus in the production of our food. We have already contributed to the extinction of many insects. With the purchase of magnetic fly screens, you support a social commitment for bees, butterflies, bumblebees etc.

Your odd-shaped windows will finally get something on them.

We are fully aware of the fact that not all windows are square or rectangle, and not all of them are perfect. The mistake that your builder committed must never bring a burden on you. Our range of magnetic fly screens is the ones that can adjust on any shaped and sized window. Plus, you won’t have to change them for a long time. All you need to do is clean them at regular intervals.

Magnetic fly screens are a great utility if used in the correct way and in the correct place. You can stay safe inside your home, and so can the insects outside your home. Let’s make this world and the ecosystem a better place to live in. It is certainly better than the other options out there.