Tennis has always been a popular sport among-st the masses. One of the things that both the players and the audience is particularly keen on is the surface of the court. There are various options when it comes to court surfaces, however, three of them are primarily popular.

  • Hard Court Surface (Asphalt or Concrete)
  • Grass Court Surface
  • Clay Court Surface

In this article, we would focus on the benefits of Asphalt tennis court construction owing to the various advantages this particular surface has to offer. They are employed throughout the globe and are often a preferred surface among-st professionals.

If You Are Looking For The Right Court Surface, We Have Listed The Various Advantages Of Going With Asphalt.

Various Advantages Of Going With Asphalt:

Tennis Court Constructions

  • Versatile

When it comes to asphalt tennis court constructions, you have the benefit of choosing from a wide range of colors for the surface. The color of the surface depends on a lot of factors, the prime being the comfort of the players and the audience.

Also, you can add a cushioned surface on top of the asphalt to absorb the blows and make the surface long-lasting. The cushioned surfaces are beneficial for the players since they reduce the chances of accidents.

  • Permeable

These surfaces are permeable, it helps in preventing the collection of water on the court which acts as a major hindrance to the game. With the permeability factor into play, these courts can be used at all locations. If it’s a high-rainfall area, the water will seep in while in the case of low rainfall areas. It will allow the replenishing of the groundwater, making them an ideal choice.

  • Low Maintenance

It’s not just the cost that goes into maintenance but also the effort. Going for regular maintenance is never a viable solution, instead, it’s recommended that you opt for a surface that requires minimum care. And, what could be better than asphalt tennis court construction when it comes to maintenance. These surfaces can withstand shocks and don’t weather off over time. Sweeping the surface every few days and pressure washing it periodically will do the job.

If you are getting a tennis court of practice, these would be the ideal option since you can focus on your game rather than worrying about maintaining the court.

  • Can be Used for Other Sports

Tennis Court Constructions

Owing to the hard surface and resistance to wear and tear, tennis courts with asphalt as the base layer can be used for other sports as well, such as basketball and racquetball. If you are getting a tennis court for a community center or residential building, it’s always recommended to go with an option that suitable for everyone. With asphalt tennis court constructions, the ability to use it for other sports will make it desirable to all.

  • Adjustable Bounce

Depending on the sand that is used on the top surface, you can easily manage the bounce of the surface. This is an important factor considering the requirements of different players on the tennis grounds. The ability to manage the bounce does not come this easy if you opt for other court surfaces.

After reading the above benefits, you would have got a fairly good idea of why asphalt tennis court construction is the way to go. It’s not just the minimum maintenance, choice of colors, ability to be used for other sports, the adjustable bounce or the permeability but the combination of these that makes asphalt the preferred material for tennis court constructions. What are you waiting for? Search the web for the best tennis court construction contractors in town and book an appointment.