Uneven or bumpy skin, often with light-toned streaks formed around is something numerous women feel shy about. Commonly seen on the skin of thighs, hips, breasts, lower abdomen and buttocks, this issue is known as cellulite. Before you find the best Cellulite treatment, let’s know how it forms. The outer skin is attached to a fat layer below and cellulite forms when the connective tissue bands stretches the outer skin downward to the deeper tissues. The inconsistent pulling of the skin makes the skin surface uneven.

Types Of Cellulite Formation

The orange-peel formation (mild or Grade I cellulite) is the commonest appearance of cellulite with about 1 to 4 depression(s) and slightly sagging or draped appearance on skin.

The moderate or Grade II cellulite has around 5 to 9 depressions of medium depth with moderately draped appearance like cottage cheese.

The severe or Grade III cellulite has 10 or deeper depressions with severely saggy skin like a mattress.

Causes Of Cellulite Formation

Cellulite Treatment

The reason why men do not need cellulite treatment as much as women is their crisscrossed arrangement of the connective tissue and fat cells, which is different from the vertical arrangement in women. The distribution of fat, connective tissue and muscle makes cellulite more visible in women. Cellulite formation depends on age, genes and percentage of body fat. The thickness of the skin also affects the appearance of cellulite.

With increasing age, your bones start thinning while the skin loses elasticity, triggering the formation. Hormonal imbalance, unhealthy diet, lazy lifestyle, genetics, weight gain, pregnancy and increased toxin level are some of the reasons behind cellulite formation.

Methods Of Treating Cellulite

You should take fiber-rich whole grains, vegetables and fruits instead of high-calorie breads, soft drinks, fast food and candies. Follow a strict physical exercise regime with aerobics and strength training before choosing any cellulite treatment.

The following home-remedies can be helpful:

  • Consume plenty of water
  • Detox your body, quit alcohol and tobacco
  • Dry Brush for a few minutes before bath
  • Apply ground coffee and apple cider vinegar

In severe cases, the following therapies are often offered

Skin Care

  • Cryolipolysis –Non-invasive therapy of freezing fat cells
  • Ultrasound –Non-invasive procedure for 2-3 months to remove fat with sound waves
  • Acoustic Wave Therapy –Vibrating tissues prone to forming cellulite
  • Cellfina –Non-surgical therapy where tough bands below skin is ruptured
  • Radiofrequency and Laser –Tissue massage and infrared therapy with suctioning and heat
  • Carboxytherapy –Increases blood flow by insertion of carbon dioxide
  • Microdermabrasion –Exfoliates skin using salt crystals and aluminum oxide

No matter whether you are a teen or a middle-aged woman, curvaceous or slim, this issue is present in almost 80-90% of the female population of the globe. Apart from the above, subcision, endermologie and vacuum-infused precise tissue release therapy also work well.