Electric pressure washers are  water pumps, powered by an electric motor, that eject water at extremely high speed and clean the dust, dirt, and grime with that high-speed water jet. The water is drawn in from an  ordinary tap or faucet. The only function that it performs is that it moves the water at very high pressure and shoots it out like a bullet through  a trigger gun.

Reason Why Water Acts As A Good Cleaning Agent

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The water molecules have a small amount of electrical polarity in them. It means that one end is positively charged while the other end is negatively charged, which is why they adhere to things that they are put on. And when you add soap or detergent to it, it  further helps the water to do its job of cleaning . It breaks down the grime and dirt particles so that when they are sprayed with water at high speed from electric pressure washers, the  surface becomes cleaner.

Electric pressure washers are more effective when the dust particles are  stubborn and do  not budge easily. With its high-water pressure, they are forced to leave the surface that they stick onto. A very narrow and high pressure  hits the dirty surface hard with high kinetic energy.  The positive aspect  of these washers  is that they do not destroy or damage the surface that they are sprayed onto.

Various Working Parts Of An Electric Pressure Washer

An electric pressure washer  is  a high-speed water pump that takes in normal water from an inlet to wash away dirty stubborn particles that  do not budge easily from surfaces . The most important parts of an electric pressure washer are:

  • Inlet to allow water inside the pump with a filter fitted at  the mouth to prevent dust from entering  the pump
  • A gas engine or an electric motor to power the pump into action
  • The water pump which takes in the water from one end and with high pressure throws it out from the other end and has the capability of throwing out  4-8 litres of water per minute.
  • A high-pressure hose is fitted at the end from where the water is ejected . The hose is not made from ordinary hose material or else it will not be able to tolerate the high pressure.
  • Cleaning attachment which  depends  on what you want to clean. It may be a trigger gun or a spinning wand spray, or even a rotating brush.

The Working Of An Electric Pressure Washer

Through one end of the hose of an electric pressure washer, detergent comes in and water from another pipe which is powered by an electric motor or diesel engine. There is a water pump impeller to suck in the detergent and then the soap water mixture is ejected out at high pressure from the exit end through a narrow nozzle onto the dirty surface.

Why You Require An Electric Pressure Washer

Reasons  why you may  buy an electric pressure washer, are:

  • Low maintenance and easy operation
  • No fuel to power it
  • They are soundless
  • Causes no environmental pollution
  • Cost-effective

Factors To Consider Before Buying An Electric Pressure Washer

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There are certain factors that you must consider before an electric pressure washer.

  • The power that its engine consumes
  • The amount of pressure that is generated
  • How much water is used
  • The ability of the electric pressure washer to clean

Now, if you want to buy an effective electric pressure washer, then it should ideally have the optimum levels of all the above-mentioned attributes. It must  clean your house or driveway effectively and efficiently.  You must keep in mind here that if your washer has  high pressure and low volume,  it can even  cut concrete and if it has high volume and low pressure it is  capable  of cutting a river. None of it is desired when you want to clean your house. So, proper  care must be taken to ensure  a happy cleaning session.