With so many alternatives to WordPress like Wix, it makes you wonder, why stick with it? Is it time to make the shift and opt for the newer options? Or is WordPress the king of simplified and effective website making?

It is time to stop having second thoughts. Read on further to understand why WordPress still takes the lead.

1. It’s Free

In a world full of online services, everything now comes with a price. If you are still starting out, you might not be able to afford the subscription costs of these website makers. Even if you can, you first want to test out the waters before making an investment.

While that pricing and trial period is a dilemma with the competition, WordPress doesn’t have that because it is free. You can install it and get started without shelling out a single dollar, and you can keep on doing so as long as you want.

Granted, WordPress is not the only option out there that is free. But it is only one of the few that is.

2. Easy with A Lot of Options

You want a website that looks good, but you also don’t want something that will take you forever to make. That is where WordPress stands out the most. Since it is the pioneer in the industry, there are a lot of third-party theme developers for the platform. There are free ones and if you have some budget, you can also opt for paid choices.

Flexibility options in WordPress is numerous. If you want it, there is a theme available that you can simply download and modify based on your needs. It is as easy as clicking and dragging.

While other platforms do provide the same options, most are still starting out that theme options are not as extensive. Some are not even as prominent in the industry just yet that there aren’t many developers. So, if you want things done fast, WordPress is one that does the job.

3. SEO Friendly

As per SEO expert Vikas Rana, If you want to have a head start with SEO, go for WordPress. Out of the box, you don’t have to do any advanced tweaking just to appeal to search engines. The code that WordPress spits out with your website is high-quality and produces semantic markup. In English, search engines don’t just prefer WordPress, they love it.

If you go to other alternatives, you might not even have the option to tweak its coding. Therefore, you will always be one step behind the SEO race. In addition, there are a lot of plugins and tools available for WordPress that will allow you to make the most SEO optimized website.

4.Lower Maintenance Cost

You already know that getting your WordPress website started is cheap and easy, but how about its maintenance? Fortunately, it’s no different. With its simplicity and lesser steps needed to setup, there are fewer aspects to maintain. In turn, that means lesser costs to keep it up and running in its best condition.

In addition, you don’t have to go running back to WordPress themselves if you are experiencing problems. With its extensive reputation, it is easy to find someone who can help you. There are also extensive resources, whether you are looking at basic or advanced functionalities.

5. Safe and Secure

Nobody wants their website compromised, especially when it is dealing with crucial data. Though, you don’t have to worry about that with WordPress. It is a platform that is developed with security in mind. There are measures in place that makes breaking into your website impossible.

You can also put in your own measures as well. You have options for WordPress security add-ons and plugins, among many others. So, while it is safe and secure as it is, you can further reinforce it just to be safe for more peace of mind.

WordPress is Still King

Put all the benefits of WordPress together and you will not find something like it. It is cheap, but doesn’t fall short on options and functionality. It also puts you ahead of the competition with the added SEO and security boost. So, if you are looking into starting your online business, look no further, WordPress got you covered. Boost your online presence and drive traffic to your WordPress website with the expertise of our SEO agency