Sometimes, you can find your sewer lines backing up when you use your toilet, and your basement floor can get affected by water and moisture. There are multiple reasons behind this issue, and you need to identify the root cause of your sewer backup. But how would you identify the sewer backup? Knowing some of the common warning signs will help you in this. 

Here, You Can Find Some Common Signs That Will Help You To Diagnose The Problem:


  • Foul odor- Your drains will drain out the wastewater from your home, and, naturally, you can find foul odor coming out from your drain outlets. This is the reason why you should install your gutters and drain outlets on the roof and outdoor area. But if your rooms smell like sewage, then you should check your drains.
  • Bubbling in the drain- Apart from that, you can find your drains bubbling, and you can hear some gurgling sound from your toilet. It can be caused due to a clog in your sewer lines, and probably, wastewater cannot flow through your drains. As a result, wastewaters can back up to your floor and damage your basement.
  • Slow drainage– You should clean the drains which are located in your basement and first floor. When you flush solid waste through your toilet or sink, it will accumulate at the lower point of your drainage lines, and you can find such clogs in your basement. In this case, you can clean the drains of your basement to prevent such problems. Slow drainage is one of the main causes of sewer backup, and you should hire professional plumbers to clean your drain.
  • Overflowing sinks and toilets – These are very common, and you can face them any time. It is a type of sewer backup, and it can be happened due to improper installation of your plumbing fixtures. For example, you should connect your washing machine with your bathroom in a proper way because solid waste can flow from your washing machine to your drains and block your pipelines.

A sewer backup can be problematic, it will not only disrupt the drainage system, but at the same time, it can spread some infections in your family. Also, the building foundation and basement floor can get affected by water damage. In this case, you need to hire the best plumbing services to maintain your drainage lines.

Services Offered By Plumbers For Sewer Lines:


  • Professional plumbers can provide emergency services, and they can clean your sewer lines with their advanced tools. They will not charge you any extra amount for odd-hour services.
  • You can call them anytime, and they can reach your home within an hour. It is better to choose a local plumber in this regard because he can access your home conveniently.
  • Reliable plumbing services can provide a free estimate, and you can ask for a quote from different plumbers. You can compare their charges to choose an affordable one.
  • Sewer lines can be cracked, clogged, and damaged, and you need to replace your sewer lines to keep your basement clean. To protect your basement from sewer backup, you can ask the plumber to reline the old drainage lines.
  • Sometimes, sewer lines can get affected due to heavy rain, and you need to call an emergency plumber to clean your sewer lines. They can unclog your drains within an hour.

Concluding Thoughts

When you deal with your sewer lines, you will be exposed to bacteria, germs, and pesticides, and you need to keep yourself protected from such harmful elements. You can hire trained plumbers to keep your basement clean and sanitized. They will clean and sanitize your property once their work is done. Make sure that you hire only trained and experienced plumbers for this task.