The idea of the latest security arrangements has become more of a human than a mere machine. It acts as a most obedient and intelligent security device  deployed around us which is equipped with a miracle of superpowers that makes it capable of transcending the stereotypes of mundane potential demonstrated by human guards in general in order to go beyond the horizon of possibilities in the realm of inventing innovative security features where our imagination cannot even tread into. With alarm systems being integrated into it, the security arrangement these days comes prepared with an accent to interact with us in order to get its messages across in the language of a shrill sound of an alarm.

The journey of an Alarm system from its eventful past to the future of immense possibilities

Alarm systems seem to have come a long way from being handled manually to getting orchestrated by a smart and intelligent framework that could run itself of its own triggered by an AI algorithm encrypted in it. We basically need to program a condition into the system in such a manner that alarm will ring itself without any human intervention when the condition will be met. There are dedicated consultant firms who are specialized in setting alarms based on the metrics of parameters to define a condition as duly explained to them by the individual client himself. They usually follow a consultative approach of  designing a solution for clients which entails them to engage themselves in a series of discussion with the clients, in order to understand the nature of the solution clients, are looking forward which is followed by a brainstorming session to incubate thoughts into actionable ideas which might set the ball rolling and show the way to progress further.

Alarm Systems in car

If someone comes in contact with your car or even leans against your car unconsciously the alarm starts blaring out in a deafening pitch and with such intensity that it will be clearly audible from a distance of few kilometers. If any attempt is being made to barge into the car forcefully without using the authorized key, the car will again start ringing the alarm.

Alarm systems in Factories

There are certain parameters set beforehand to define a situation to trigger an alarm to ring. Alarm raises high decibel sound when there is a sudden rise in the temperature of a particular unit beyond the safety standard limit or detection of sudden emission of toxic gas which might have an irreversible adverse impact on the safety of the properties and human health.

Fire Alarm Systems

It can detect the smoke that usually emits from the flame of the fire and keeps buzzing on to let others know that there is a fire having been broken out in the building and it is time for the people staying inside the building to exit right away. This is probably the most convenient way to disperse the crowd in order to drive them to a safe distance.

Manual Alarm Systems

In the first sight of an emergency that has the potential to cause major damage or loss to the organization or people at large, the emergency button is usually pressed which activates the alarm to keep everyone around alert and vigil.

The alarm systems are primarily meant to wake us up from the slumber with a sense of urgency to take a call to action. We all have grown up with the sound of the alarm and we all have our own share past memories around it. But when it is being referred to in the context of safety measure it has some deeper connotations embedded into it. The alarm system is now incorporated into every security eco-friendly system which is designed to be installed everywhere be it in banks, factories or even in the paradigm of household security arrangements.