Did you know the differences between a draftsman and an architect? If not, you are in the right place. In today’s article, we will help you differentiate a draftsman from an architect. 

  • Draftsman works under any licensed architect and cannot work independently.
  • An architect makes rough work of the blueprint of the building structure, and the draftsmans just make it readable for the builders to understand.
  • The architect conducts inspections and gets all the permits required, which draftsmen cannot do. Once the permits are applied, the draftsman follows and liaisons with the authorities to ensure smooth work.
  • An architect takes care of the management part of the project like permits, documentations administrations, etc. whereas the draftsmans works closely with the clients, builders, contractors and knows all the technicalities 

Benefits Of The Right Draftsman For The Job 


  • Draftsman with extensive experience in the type of work you require should be on top of your priority list.
  • A draftsman with experience working for big projects involving residential projects will have ample knowledge of designing a home, designing the room, and the size of rooms or bathrooms.
  • Draftsmen who have worked along with architects on complex sites will be the best to hire as they would know how to change the plans if there is any hurdle during the project.
  • If your project involves building larger complexes like malls, look for a draftsman who has previously worked on such projects. He would know what all needs to be considered while working on CAD. 
  • Nowadays draftsmans is opting for sustainable designs which involve using renewable natural resources to the fullest to keep carbon footprint at the lowest. This can involve the utilization of solar panels, facing the windows in a way where the sunlight can enter the house and there is less to no requirement to switch on lights during the day.
  • Draftsman nowadays uses computer systems to create and design various structures working alongside engineers, builders, and architects making this profession the most sought after. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Hiring A Draftsman 


  • Before starting working as a drafting expert, a draftsman must complete studies at a TAFE college about the construction process, various Australian building codes, and how to use CAD (computer-assisted design) systems to create drawings.
  • Make sure that the draftsmen does not have a lot of projects on their hands as this may delay your project or even cause mistakes if the draftsman ends up mixing two projects
  • Ensure they have completed their apprenticeship under a reputed architect and have the required licenses to work as a draftsman.
  • Before hiring a draftsman’s, make sure that you and the draftsman comply with the codes and regulations of the state and the country so that none of you violate any rules and pay hefty fines.
  • Check the previous projects done by the draftsman, ask to present the CAD work, and cross-verify it with your engineers or architect.
  • If you wish, you can take the draftsman with you to your project site and make a mental note if they are asking questions, answering your questions honestly, are they keen about the details of the project, how much technical knowledge they have, etc. this will help you determine if the draftsmen have the required knowledge.


With big projects come bigger responsibilities of the completion of projects with utmost perfection and safety. In such cases, hiring the best draftsmen is of utmost importance. Get references from reliable sources before you go hunting for one on the internet