Well, no one likes blocked drains, they create a lot of nuisance like foul smells, water floods, filth and even spreads bacteria. If you are living in a house with blocked drains, you can easily fall ill. Blocked drains cleaning can be a challenging task.  But using baking soda and vinegar DIY, you can quickly get rid of the blockage. They provide you with great results without any mess.  If you want to go for blocked drain cleaning, then the best way is to get your hands on the right quality baking soda that lasts long and that keeps the sides and the mouth of the drain fresh and non-greasy.

Ingredients required for blocked drains cleaning

Blocked Drains DIY

The ingredients needed to do this DIY are very simple:

  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Boiled Water

Instructions for blocked drains cleaning using Baking soda and vinegar

Instructions of this DIY are simple to that even a child can clean the drain quickly.

  • First boil water and pour in the drain.
  • Now pour ½ cup baking soda into the drain.
  • Let this soda sit for some time.
  • Now take 1 cup vinegar and pour it over the baking soda in the drain.
  • Again ad 1 cup of hot water.
  • If the drain is not cleared repeat these steps two to three times.

You can also use different variations of the same method and use baking powder and add a pinch of bleaching powder to it to clean and unclog the drain. This will also keep any sort of virus away.

Reasons for this DIY being so effective:

Cleaning Blocked Drain

Blocked drains cleaning happens quickly using these two ingredients because baking soda and hot water help in loosing up the grim in the drain.  When you pour vinegar, the explosive chemical reaction takes place that creates a bubbling reaction. This unclogs the blocked drain faster.

The science behind this process

Baking soda is made of sodium bicarbonate. At the same time, vinegar is a mixture of water and acetic acid. When these two ingredients are mixed, their molecules are exchanged, and the reaction occurs. This reaction creates carbon dioxide and the bubbles in the Pipe.  Finally, when you add water, it creates pressure and all the grim flushes out of the drains, and they are cleaned.

The basic rule to remember when using these two ingredients

Nor you can store them in the same bottle. If you do, so they will lose all the fuzz and chemical reaction that allows the blocked drain cleaning will not work.   If you want your drains to smell fresh, you can toss some lemon juice in hot water and pour it in your drains after the cleaning is done. This is the way through which you can clean the drains instantly, and moreover, lemon has strong antibacterial properties.

Is it possible that baking soda and vinegar may damage the Pipe?

Blocked Drains Cleaning

Some store-bought chemicals can create extreme heat and damage the PVC pipes as they may melt it down. But the baking soda and vinegar-based homemade chemical pose no harm to your pipes. If you use the baking soda in excess, that can also corrode the side of the pipes.

What to do if the drains are still not cleared?

If your drains are blocked very poorly, please do not try too many techniques as it can harm your drainage system.  In such situations, you must call the emergency plumbers. They know their jobs well, and they will clean your drain without causing them any damage.

Baking soda and vinegar along with hot water, will clean your pipes naturally without causing any harm to them. But in the first place, try to prevent the drain blockage by following simple everyday cleaning and not throwing anything in your drains.