These days every natural thing has got various forms and means to get embellished. Therefore, at times we all get fooled with originality and duplicity of a product. However, there at times, when the same product is made keeping all its elements intact but given a human touch. This is a very common practice when it comes to gemstones. Not many of you know that Ruby is one of the four precious gemstones that exist on this planet. Therefore, while investing in ruby jewellery every one of us should have the knowledge and understanding of judging how pure the gem is. Ideally, there are three forms of ruby jewellery available worldwide – natural, synthetic and imitated.

Insight into all these forms while sharing  a better understanding of this gemstone :

Natural Ruby Jewellery

A natural ruby is one that is formed by the natural geological process of the Earth. The jewellery made out of natural rubies is the costliest. These rubies lie buried  in natural environments over millions of years and require a vigorous mining process for extraction. A piece of natural ruby jewellery will have a prominent redness that it gains  from a high quantity of element called chromium which is also found in sapphires. Rubies are ideally red version of sapphires.

Synthetic Ruby Jewellery

A synthetic Ruby is created by humans in the laboratory as opposed to natural ruby. It is executed through the process of chemically, optically and structurally making the rubies look identical to natural rubies. Synthetic ruby jewellery can’t be termed as fake, but just man-made. A natural ruby takes millions of years to form, whereas, a synthetic ruby takes just a few months. The price variations of natural ruby jewellery as against  synthetic ruby jewellery aren’t much as the synthetic rubies are free from any form of imperfections and stains as compared to the natural ones.

Imitation Ruby Jewellery

Many of you might have guessed that this form of Ruby jewellery is a replica of the original ones. Therefore, imitation ruby jewellery is  less durable and valuable. The price of imitation ruby jewellery is peanuts as compared to those of synthetic and natural ruby jewellery. Often the imitation of rubies is  so perfectly done that  anyone who doesn’t have an understanding of these gems can be fooled easily.

How can you tell if the Ruby Jewellery is real?

Not everyone can identify the difference between real, synthetic and fake ruby jewellery. Often trained eyes are required to judge the quality and assess how genuine  the jewellery is. There are certain tests that one can conduct at home to identify the quality of ruby jewellery, however, it is always recommended to take the help of a professional. Here are some ways that can help you tell if the ruby jewellery is real or fake

Ask a professionalThe best and safest way of identifying the genuine ruby jewellery is by taking help of a professional gemologist. These people with the help of their tools can judge the quality of the gem at once.

Look for flawsNatural ruby jewellery will always have some flaws in them which aren’t detectable by naked eyes. You’ll  need a microscope to detect these flaws. Natural ruby jewellery will have some imperfections and stains on them. However, in the case of synthetic rubies, you won’t find any such flaws or imperfections or stains on them. The best possible way, in this case, is to seek the help of a professional gemologist.

The famous “Scratch Test”Ruby is the second hardest stone on Earth after diamonds. Therefore, it can’t be easily damaged. To check the genuinity of a ruby jewellery, one needs to  scratch the base of the stone. If you find any scratches on it consider it as a fake one.

Rubies are one of the most precious gemstone a lady can own. Therefore, it becomes vitally important to get double surety about its quality before you pay a price premium for it.