Learn about business loans

You can find several finance products such as personal loan, construction loan, house loan or car loan. But they are not as complicated as taking business loans. Are you thinking to buy a new property for your business? Are you planning for expansion of your business but getting stuck up due to lack of finances? Well, it is time to overcome the obstacles and go for commercial lending. You can easily apply for the commercial lending or business loan online, and you can find some lenders available online that provide instant loan approval through their official website.

The Working Process

Getting loans for business is not that easy task. It is not a house building or personal loan that will be sanctioned without any bottlenecks. Commercial lending or business loans are associated with large scale transactions and the big financial institutions lend them after considering all pros and cons. So, you need check all criteria of the lenders along with their interest rate, processing fees and other hidden charges. Then you can apply for the commercial lending according to your needs.

For these loans, one must submit all documents and even financial statements of the business house of the previous year’s including orders in hand. The financial institutions may also ask for the details of the plants and machinery and may also inspect your commercial properties and assets to ensure your business authenticity. It is impossible for a business to flourish without commercial lending, and to start a new business or to establish a successful business you must go for the commercial lending.

The Process of Determination of The Loan Amount

The big lenders use some basic methods while lending and they can be looking at the cash flow, the collateral security provided, the character of the business and the borrower, the capital invested and the conditions.

Cash Flow

The banks and the institutions providing commercial lending always look as to how the loan is to be repaid. The company with a good record of cash flow history is on the priority list of getting this type of loans. The ratio of the loan amount to be sanctioned with the cash flow is 1.2 times or a bit greater.

Collateral Security

The lenders always look for security so that they can recover the lending amount in case the borrower defaults. These types of security can be the land and building, other assets, the inventory and equipment and the accounts receivables and many more. One usually can get 75% of the value of the assets and 50% of the value of the inventory as a loan.

The Character of The Business and The Borrower

Banks and financial institutions will check the nature of business before sanctioning the commercial lending amount. One needs to have a guarantor so that the banks can recover the loan amount from the guarantor in case of any defaults. The personal cash flow of the guarantor and the credit ratings of the borrower are also looked before disbursing the loan amount.

Capital Invested

The initial investment and the paid-up capital will be verified along with the books of accounts, and if the lender finds your business proposal profitable then they can sanction your commercial lending.


The market conditions are also a significant factor for giving loans by financial institutions. The future trends in the market, the nature of update required and the investments in future are also factors of the lending process.

It is not possible to have a growth in business and earn more revenues without investments. Investments worth in millions can only be pumped in through commercial lending, and many financial institutions are providing them after gauging all the aspects.