The jib crane is supposed to be one of the essential machinery used in the construction industry. It is a crane that has one arm to lift and move the heavyweights on site. The arm dangles horizontally on the cane and you can move heavy materials or goods from one place to another with this arm. These cranes are essential in increasing worker’s productivity and efficiency. The chances of accidents and injuries are also reduced if the jib cranes are used on construction sites as workers don’t have to lift and move with heavyweights manually.

Different types of jib cranes available in the market:

Freestanding jib crane:

These cranes are used to complete different jobs in different industries. It can move up to 15-ton load. You can find these cranes in three designs such as mounted jib crane, mounted jib crane, and sleeve-insert mounted jib crane. These cranes are much more durable than others. At the same time, these cranes are also expensive and difficult to unfix.

Foundationless jib crane:

these cranes are used for indoor purposes. You can install these cranes anywhere. These cranes can lift around thousand lbs of weight. These cranes are very easy to install, cheap and can fit in small spaces. You can access restricted space with these cranes. These are portable cranes that can be taken from one place to another easily. You can call them as a cheap alternative to our first mentioned freestanding jib cranes. However, these cranes require overhead support and they are not freestanding cranes.

A wall-mounted jib:

These are the cranes that are mounted on a wall. These cranes are specially used if you have restricted floor space. It can lift up to 5 tons of loads. These cranes are also easy to install. However, 360- degree rotation in these cranes is not possible.

An articulating jib crane:

these are the cranes with two arms instead of one arm. They can be mounted on a bridge, ceiling and wall, and can lift up to one ton of weight.  But, you cannot move heavy stuff with these cranes.

Why would you choose a jib crane?

  • These cranes come with an on and off buttons. This helps in better operation and you can prevent unwanted accidents by using these cranes.
  • When it comes to design, jib cranes are compact and can get into small spaces easily. You can use them on your floor, walls and ceiling.
  • Jib cranes are used widely because they are easy to install and operate. You can find them in multiple designs and you can choose the best one according to your needs.
  • These are one of the most durable cranes, and they can easily lift tons of weight without facing any wear and tear. This is the reason why these cranes are heavily used in warehouses as well as docks.
  • When the jib crane is used to lift the weight, it becomes easier for the workers to focus on other essential works. It enhances their productivity. Thus, both workers and company management are happy to work in a smooth and stress free environment.

Above mentioned are some of the essential benefits of jib cranes and some different types of jib cranes. If you are willing to install these cranes in your warehouse or any other site, you must meet the professionals’ team and make sure that you don’t install any faulty crane as it can cause major accident. Only an expert can install these cranes. Along with that, it is also essential that you get your cranes regularly inspected to avoid the misfortunate event.