Having plants inside our homes brings a lot of benefits both for our homes and for us. For once, the nice house plant can bring lots of colour and life in even the most boring and colourless room. The plants always bring everything to life, because they are practically the symbol of the sun and nature. This is why people who have lots of indoor flowers in pots, practically bring themselves a lot closer to nature, which brings them lots of joy and inner peace. 

Also, the plants produce the so much-needed oxygen we use to breathe, so having them inside our houses is actually something we need. Just like everything in our lives, some plants are better at improving the quality of the indoor air than others. To help new homeowners pick the right indoor plant, I’ve gathered this list of five house plants, which improve the indoor air quality the most. I’m sure you’ll find the right plant for you in there.

Snake plant


Photo by Noyo Plantes on Unsplash

The snake plant is a beautiful house plant with long leaves, which are coloured in two shades of green. The Latin name of this beautiful and very useful plant is Sansevieria Trifasciata “Laurentii”. This plant is so useful and precious because it’s one of the few plants, which can actually filter formaldehyde. As you know, formaldehyde is a toxic substance, which is quite often contained in different cleaning products, tissues, and toilet paper, as well as various personal care products. It’s not so dangerous in small doses, but it’s also not healthy for us to breathe this stuff. 

Most specialists would advise you to put a snake plant in your bathroom because it doesn’t require much sun in order to survive and it likes humid conditions. Also, most of the products which release formaldehyde into the air are usually placed in the bathroom, so it’s logical.

Spider plant


Photo by Susan Wilkinson on Unsplash

The spider plant also has long leaves, but they are in a lot lighter shade of green than the ones the snake plant has. The Latin name of this gentle plant is Chlorophytum Comosum. As you can assume from its name, this house plant will definitely improve the indoor air quality in your house. It’s the perfect choice for people who usually neglect the garden work and the plants in general because it’s surprisingly resistant. It has lots of foliage, which protects it from all kinds of unpleasant influences. It also has very beautiful small white flowers. 

The spider plant is perfect for removing formaldehyde, as well as benzene, carbon monoxide, and xylene, which is a toxic solvent used in printing and leather industries.

Aloe Vera


Photo by Alexandra Tran on Unsplash

The aloe is well known all around the world for its various powers, which are used in cosmetics and medicine for a long time. It’s quite easy to grow this house plant, and the sunny kitchen is the perfect place to put it because it likes a lot of suns. The aloe helps clear benzene and formaldehyde emissions from the air, which are usually the result of using paints, chemical-based cleaners, and other similar products. Besides cleaning these chemicals from the air, the aloe also contains a gel inside it, which has the ability to heal burns and cuts, which is why it’s actually so precious.

Golden pothos


Photo by Kelli Tungay on Unsplash

The golden pothos is also known as devil’s ivy, and its Latin name is Scindapsus Aures. It’s a very beautiful and fast-growing vine, which creates an amazing cascade of green leaves if you place it right. The amazing thing about this indoor plant is, that it stays green even if you leave it in the complete dark for a long time. It’s perfect for your garage since there are lots of harmful emissions from the cars.

Gerber daisy


Photo by Tamanna Rumee on Unsplash

The Gerber daisy is a very beautiful and sun-loving plant, which would be perfect for your bedroom or laundry room, presuming they can give it enough light. Its Latin name is Gerbera Jamesonii and it’s good for removing benzene from freshly painted walls. It also removes trichloroethylene, which is a chemical they use in dry cleaning. 

As you can see yourself, one small house plant can really improve the indoor air quality. You just need a little passion for gardening and a little care.