A girl’s closet is usually overfilled with clothes, but you can always hear them complaining that she has no clothes to wear. Do you agree to the same? Have you also made the same complaints or heard other girls in your troop doing the same? But do you know why a girls cupboard is always overloaded with pajamas and other dresses?

Few reasons as to why you can spot an endless number of pajamas occupying space in a girl’s closet:

Love for shopping

Girls and their shopping habits go hand in hand with each other. Thus it’s no longer a mystery that if a girl is out for shopping, she will return back with things more than what she actually planned to buy. Thus those ample number of pajamas that you see stuffed up in their closet may be a result of their shopping spree veins that don’t let her stop still she drops.

The someday excuse

The love for clothes that a girl has in her mind can ever die a natural death despite the collection she has; she can never say a no to a few more clothes. Even you can find clothes that stay simply stashed in one corner of their closet but doesn’t find a way to donation or disposal. Because the thought “I will wear it someday” comes in between. A girl might have rarely worn a particular pajama, but just ask her for its disposal, and you will get to hear plenty of excuses that can save it inside her cupboard. Thus again comes the act of stuffing up pajamas that are hardly worn or get to come up front once in a blue moon.

Giveaways and gifts

As we all know that girls can never say a ‘no’ to few more clothes, you can easily predict how easy it is to get clothes as a gift to the girlies in your group. So the reason behind the big heap of nightwear’s and other dresses is also the giveaways and gifts that comes from friends. Furthermore, gifting something that is comfortable yet stylish is all going to add a feather to your cap in terms of your gifting skills.

Weight fluctuation issues

Another reason why you would find a girl’s closet overloaded with clothes is their weight fluctuation factor. You would always find girls having a separate corner for clothes that will fit them someday when they reduce their weight. So no more are such clothes going in for charity but to one side to heap up the clothe pile in the cupboard.


This is one such magical word that you can whisper in a girl’s ears, and you can see them jumping out of their beds getting ready for a shopping spree. The word SALE has enough might to make a girl shop more and more. So you might have got an idea as to how this magical word is the culprit behind too many pajamas and other clothes inside the closet.

Failure to return the items on time

Today is the era of online shopping wherein you can get your order placed just by giving some stress and strain to your fingers scrolling the online shopping sites. And that’s all! You can get those at your doorsteps without moving out of your house. Also, not to miss out, most of the shopping websites offer easy return and exchange policies within a specific time frame if you do not like the items in any case.

So in such case, when the items do not give you the right fit or if you feel skeptical about keeping it in your closet, you can opt for a return or exchange. But many a time, despite the return services offered by such websites, many girls fail to place a return order in time. Thus, they miss their chance for a return after the closure of the return date, so again one ends up with unwanted and unused dresses and pajamas in her closet.

Out of style

Another reason why you would find a girl’s closet stuffed up with pajamas is the out of trend factor. With the world moving so fast and new fashion trends hitting the market almost every day, you can always find a new trendy pajama on the online shopping sites. And, thus comes the doom of an old pajama collection that slowly makes a way to one corner of the closet. Welcoming the new trend, girls tend to buy new ones and stash their old pajamas at one side so you can predict why their closets are overwhelmed.


We hope that we have excelled in listing down a few obvious reasons as to why a girl’s closet is always overloaded with pajamas and other dresses.

We hope if you are someone struggling with the same issues, you can relate to a few reasons mentioned in this article!