Engagement ring shopping can really make anybody nervous. No matter how long you’ve been dating your special someone, choosing the right engagement ring is definitely not easy. You might have already thought of what the engagement ring should look like, or how you’d ask him or her to it. However, no matter how old or how much time has elapsed, you still need some assistance. Here are some tips for choosing the right engagement ring that will make your special someone happy.

First off, it is important to know your budget. If you’re strapped for cash but want to buy the perfect engagement ring, then ring shopping should be your top priority. Try to shop around and compare prices. Don’t forget that rings can come in different metals and with different gemstones, so do some research. There is something out there for just about every budget.

Also, when you’re ring shopping, be sure to talk to your partner about the kind of setting you’d like your ring to go in. Some people prefer a solitaire setting, while others like the look of a three ring engagement ring. And don’t be afraid to be a little bold and ask your partner what he or she likes about your ring. Sometimes it’s really fun to surprise your partner and say, “I think this would be better with a certain type of setting.”

One of the most important things to consider when choosing engagement rings is the cut quality and clarity of the diamonds. Cut refers to how each diamond is cut into the ring band. The better the cut, the more sparkle and brilliance will appear in the ring. The cut quality of one diamond will be drastically different from another. You can buy rings at many different jewelry stores or online.

You’ll find many great solitaire rings at many jewelers, both brick and mortar and online. A solitaire ring can work with any type of setting, though it is most popular with a solitaire setting. A solitaire ring has a single large diamond on its own, surrounded by smaller diamonds. This arrangement is quite common with large round diamonds. Smaller diamonds can also be used, as long as they’re cut and placed into a solitaire setting.

Purchasing an Engagement Diamond Ring should not be taken lightly. Engagement and wedding jewelry have lots of sentimental and emotional value. An engagement ring is one thing that is close to your heart, and you need to select it carefully. However, choosing an engagement ring is not always simple. Finding the right ring becomes easy with the right advice, and knowing your partner’s preference.

Dos of purchasing Engagement Diamond Rings

Do try to give yourself some time

Have you planned to propose? Do you have some months before proposing? If yes, try asking a few questions. You can tell your partner that you want to buy some jewelry for your parent or sibling and ask your partner to accompany you. Taking your partner to a shop and tell her to choose a ring for your parent. Make sure that you listen, learn, and allow your partner to speak. If you want to keep it a surprise completely, do not drop any kind of hints and also do not ask questions frequently. You will surely get some idea about the kind of engagement diamond rings your partner prefers. Then you can choose that ring and customize the same according to your partner’s ring size.

Do pay attention to the 4Cs of the diamond

When choosing engagement diamond rings there are 4Cs that you need to pay attention to that is cut, color, carat, and clarity. You need to learn about these things to know what you should look for at the time of shopping. Always prefer buying a diamond with the official certification indicating the true 4Cs. You should choose an authentic diamond ring for your engagement and you should check the certification of such diamonds to know their weight.

Do speak about your budget

It is important to plan a suitable budget and abide to it. When buying an engagement diamond ring, there are high chances of getting carried away and exceeding your budget. If you are shopping as a couple, make sure you sit down with your partner and discuss the budget. Do not hesitate to disclose your budget to your partner because you need to spend more amounts on your event planning and you should save a lot for your future.

DO have inspirational photos

Having photos of diamonds and style can prove to be helpful. With this, you get an idea about your choice. It also gives an idea to the consultant about your likings. Based on this, the consultant can offer you the right choices.

Don’ts of purchasing Engagement Diamond Rings

Don’t try to check out all the stores in one day

If you try to check out a lot of stores for choosing a diamond ring, then you might get overwhelmed and confused by seeing too many choices. By getting too many options there are chances that you might make a hasty decision. You should check out around two to three stores in a day and take enough time to think before you make a final decision. You can also search such diamond rings online and check their designs. You can compare their prices and choose an affordable one within your budget.

Don’t purchase an uncertified diamond

You should never consider buying a diamond that does not have a certification report. Certified diamonds are the ones that are closely tested through the trusted experts. Such diamonds have a certification report which clearly mentions clarity, color, cut, and carat. Make sure the certification is obtained from a reputed laboratory.

It is good to have an idea about what you are searching for in engagement diamond rings. However, do not completely stick to it. You should always be open about your choices.