If your house came with a pool, you’re probably already aware that you need pool fencing for safety purposes. Even if you have no children of your own, fencing will prevent the children of guests and visitors from stumbling into the pool. And it keeps your pets out of danger as well. However, that doesn’t mean you’ve got to go for ugly wooden fencing obstructing the view.

Instead, we suggest going for glass pool fencing, which isn’t visually annoying and instead can be used to improve the visual quality of your home.

The Pros

1. It Enlarges Your Space

Glass pool fencing can make small yards look much bigger by including the scenery outside of your yard, making it difficult for your eyes to easily detect a clear boundary.

2. It Can Potentially Fit Any Landscaping Design

A benefit that belongs solely to framed glass pool fencing is that you can change it according to how your garden is designed. Metal posts can accentuate gardens with a contemporary or present-day minimalistic design, while warmer colors will suit gardens that have an old, Victorian look to them.

3. They Don’t Block Views

The most intrinsic benefit of glass pool fencing is that it doesn’t block views, unlike wooden or metal fencing. Having a good view is not only just a treat for your eyes, but it also dramatically increases your property value!

4. You Can Clean it Yourself

If you think you’ll have to hire an expensive cleaner (or invest in almost equally expensive cleaning products), you can put that worry to rest. You can clean glass pool fencing with nothing more than water and a soft sponge or a mild cleaning solution even in extreme cases.

The Cons

1. Wildlife Can’t Always See the Fence

Glass pool fencing, and especially frameless fencing, might not be such a good idea if your area has wildlife. Animals can sometimes stumble into the fence and get injured, and you might even see bees flying into it.

2. It Gets Scratched Very Easily

A terrible drawback of glass pool fencing is that it’s very, very easy to get scratched and ruin your view. Forget people using razor blades to get the gunk off: even an abrasive cloth can leave scratches on the glass!

Conclusion: Making the Choice Between Framed and Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Rather than obstructing the view of your pool, glass pool fencing provides an easy solution to keep your pool safe while still being aesthetically appealing. If you’ve already decided to get glass pool fencing, that’s great, but there’s still something you’ve got to decide:

Are you going for the usually framed glass pool fencing or want to take it one step further with frameless glass pool fencing? Before you make the decision, let’s talk a little about both types.

Framed Glass Pool Fencing

Framed glass pool fencing refers to panes of glass held in place by aluminum or stainless steel posts along the top and sides. This is the more commonly seen type and is relatively inexpensive to install around your pool. Framed pool fencing also has the advantage of being far easier to be repaired than glass pool fencing. However, it is somewhat less durable, and of course, the posts can partially obstruct views.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Frameless glass pool fencing is the luxurious variant of framed fencing, but it has both pros and cons like everything else in the world. Here, toughened panes of glass are fixed in place with spigots or stand-offs. As a result, there are no posts to ruin or obstruct anything. Moreover, if installed correctly, frameless glass pool fencing can even create the illusion that there’s nothing at all!

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