Building a hygiene routine is important, but can be difficult for those who have trouble with consistency. With some simple tips, tricks, and actions you can create a routine that works for you. We all have different hygienic needs, so it is important to customize your hygiene routine based on yours. Let’s dive into five steps for creating a personal hygiene routine!

1. Decide what routine will work best for you

It’s important to remember that everyone is different, and will have different hygiene routine needs. While preparing the perfect routine for you, be sure to consider your individual hygiene goals and necessities. For example, maybe you add extra products to your skincare routine, or maybe you don’t need to wash your hair daily. This is normal, and it’s great to understand that there is no cookie-cutter routine that is perfect for everyone! 

Make sure while creating your routine that you’re including everything in your hygienic needs. You may have health conditions, like incontinence or sensitive skin, that require specific activities or personal hygiene products in your routine. Make sure to do your research on what your routine needs to work for you. If you still need help with your routine, talk with your health providers about your hygienic necessities. 

2. Make sure to set up timely reminders

Setting alarms, making lists, and writing down daily reminders are ways to ensure that your personal hygiene routine won’t be forgotten. Life can be busy sometimes, making it easy to forget some of the smallest tasks. Keeping yourself surrounded by reminders about your hygiene is a great way to build consistency and motivation in your routine!

Use an alarm clock, set reminders on your phone, or put sticky notes in relevant places. These are some great and simple ways of staying on track with your hygiene routine. With constant reminders around you, it’s easy to have your hygiene routine become a planned part of your daily life.

3. Create an atmosphere that makes you excited about doing your routine

Personal Hygiene Routine

Having a nice atmosphere to take care of routines is ideal, so why not create one for your personal hygiene routine? It always feels good to be in a nice atmosphere that encourages you to be the best version of yourself. Creating a pleasant atmosphere that invites you to your hygiene habits should help you keep a consistent routine.

Get products that excite you, adorn the area with aesthetically pleasing decorations, or simply make your washroom inviting for your routine. Turning your routine into something that excites you is a great way to build great habits. This will turn what can be a boring chore into something inspiring, pleasant, and exciting!

4. Log your progress in keeping up with your routine

Personal Hygiene Routine

You can never go wrong with logging successes, no matter how small! In your journey to build a routine, recording your progress will be helpful and encouraging. Logging your progress (and even your failures) will help you maintain a consistent and streamlined personal hygiene routine.

Logging every successful moment will help you be able to look back and notice how your routine evolved into something that fits your life. You can log your progress on a notebook, a spreadsheet, or your phone. This simple yet effective tip will make a large difference in your hygiene routine by reminding you of your routine successes. Solidify your good habits by staying consistent with all of your routines!

5. Make sure you have a consistent and healthy sleep schedule

Having a regular sleep schedule promotes a healthier and happier life, as well as keeping a consistent routine! Going to bed at the same time each night is crucial to solidifying your personal hygiene routine. Without a consistent sleep schedule, you may struggle to solidify any routines in general.

Work your hygiene routine into your nightly and morning routines, and eventually the routine will stick. Sleep is a crucial factor when it comes to being able to follow and stick with the structure and organization of your life. Set bedtime reminders and morning alarms to ensure you are keeping a healthy sleep schedule. If you have trouble sleeping, speak with your health care specialist to find advice that will help kickstart your consistent sleeping schedule.

Staying motivated and keeping your routine is hard. All it can take is one irregular part of your day to throw off your entire routine. However, with these five tips, we’re confident you’ll have a daily hygiene routine in no time!