With changing time technological advancements influenced the human civilization. As a result, the need for prosperity and comfort becomes quite crucial and gradually the impact of globalization engulfs the humankind. With passing years having decent living environments and proper living conditions is now the new normal and the necessity. Housing complexes with suitable living conditions along with appropriate safety measurements is the need of the hour. As a result, properly scrutinizing places that can potentially support large living complexes becomes a demanding job. Such is the job of a land surveyor as well.

An insight about land surveyor 

The duties of a land surveyor is comprises of work like proper scrutiny of the earth’s texture and the landform of a particular region.  To begin the construction of architecture   the affirmative response of the land surveyor is essential. Only after the land surveyor confirms an area suitable for building construction, the process of erecting complexes around it begins.   The duties of a land surveyor are vital to confirm a site as a potential life-supporting system. Hence a person needs to be highly qualified and efficient with their jobs and studies to become a successful land surveyor.

What Are The Roles Of A Land Surveyor?

  1. To study physical features a specific region
  • A land surveyorhas various roles. It includes studying the dimensions and texture of the field that is shortlisted for serving as a housing complex.
  • The primary jobs of these professionals are to understand analyze the physical attributes of a region.
  • After proper study of the area they determine the best possible use for that specific type of area and suggest options to the government or the firm they are working for.
  1. Clear understanding about technology

A licensed land surveyor must be well acquainted with the processes and technology used to determine the subject matter’s credentials, such as CAD, etc. Beside the job also demands through understanding and knowledge about subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Geography, Geology, etc.

Land Surveyor
Land Surveyor

Who Can Become A Land Surveyor?

In general, graduates can opt for the practice of becoming a legal land surveyor. Having a bachelor’s degree is not an absolute compulsion for becoming a land surveyor, yet having one helps quite a lot and eases the path to success. To acquire the statutory license a person would have to practice the given tasks and related groundwork for four years.

Key points to remind to become a land surveyor

  • A person without formal education or a bachelor’s degree can also become a land surveyor. Although getting access to the legal license and permission to practice surveying using this path would require a considerable period of practice and ground experience.
  • One must have experience of at least four years in the field, and with the tools associated with the process to get a legal license for practicing land surveys, Furthermore, there are also some vital examinations which must be cleared to become a land surveyor.
  • The first exam required by the candidates to clear is the Fundamentals of Surveying or the FS exam, which could be made right after graduating from the bachelor’s course. However, the final exam required to be cleared by the candidates to become a licensed land surveyor is the Principles and Practice of Surveying or the PS exam.
  • Both exams are conducted under and per the administration of the National Council for Examiners of Engineering and Surveying (NCEES). Once you have qualified this exam, you can expect to acquire the license for land surveying.

The tasks that land surveyors take a lot of practice and several exams to get a legal license to act professionally in this field.  As this section of studies and research requires legal knowledge and a grasp in Physics and Geography, this field is highly formal and has no room for error.