To catch the attention of the customer, businessmen adopt various methods. In the field of Real Estate business, a slideshow is an eye-catching method to inform the customer about the property. 

Videos are way more convincing than words. People can understand everything they need to know just by watching. Also, a stunning slideshow can increase the quality of the content to a great extent. 

But it can be quite perplexing if you don’t know how to make a real estate slideshow photo video. In this article, I will explain how to do it in depth so don’t forget to give it a read.

Complete Guide: How to Make a Real estate Slideshow Photo and Video

As the world is competitive you have to ensure some facts in order to make an impressive slide. 

  • Create the video with the logo of the company
  • Add the business name 
  • You can add a portfolio to retain faith in your work
  • Select decent background, image, and music, restrain from choosing anything loud or gaudy.
  • Within the videos try to create the home-like appeal to the customers. 

Step-1: Prepare the Content

At first, organize the image you will be using. Make sure you use images with 1280 x 720 resolutions. 

Also, keep necessary information like subtitles, price and address, number of bathrooms, balcony, bedrooms, and squire footage at hand. Never forget to include contact information like your number, mail address, and website at the screen. This will help the clients to contact you. 

Step-2: Sign up or log in

There are two kinds of platforms on which you can sign up or log in, which is paid & free. choose your desirable platform in order to make a real estate video. If you already possess an account then simply log in.

Step-3: Choose a template

Choose a real estate video template to make the slideshow. A unique template can increase the video quality to a great extent so you better be picky while choosing. If you do in-depth research you will find designers offering various templates specially made for real estate slideshow.

Step-4: Edit the template

As you have chosen the template, now simply edit it. Click the Create now.

Step-5: Choose Scenes

To choose the scenes for your slide show click Add Scene. Click the video holders, logo animations, photo, and title scene.

Step-6: Upload Photos

Now you have to upload photos from your computer and for that select Photo holder.

Step-7: Add description

Adding information with the photos is important. To add information click the Text holder.

Step-8: Add Video

To add video, select Video holders. The video can be from your computer or library. All you have to do is to select and insert. After that trim the extra unnecessary part and select a certain part to upload.

Step-9: Pick a color theme

Now it’s time to choose an alluring color theme. So, select the Color and go-to color palate. After that click the custom colors.

Step-10: Add Music

Musing in a slideshow can change the game. It will bring decency pulling out the mundane effect. You can add any favorite soundtrack of yours keeping pace with the content theme. If you think music is not necessary then simply mute it. Moreover, you can add your own voice to it.

Step-11: Preview the slideshow

As you have finished all the steps, select the Free preview. Wait for a few moments, you will get the preview. If you think something is missing as you are playing the preview you can re-edit it. Lastly, save it.


Real Estate slideshow can make a homely appeal to the audience. Nonetheless, it’s a trump card to promote the business. So its importance is beggar description.