Air Conditioning is a widely used system through which we can cool down the temperature of any airtight place by removing the existing heat and moisture inside that place. An air conditioner is a machine through which this system works.

The main purpose of air conditioning is to provide cold air by removing hot temperature and humidity in an enclosed place and making that place cool within some time. An air conditioning system is mainly used to create a comfortable temperature in an indoor place and blow out the unwanted heat outside.

Reasons Why Air Conditioning Systems Are Important

An air conditioning system maintains a suitable and comfortable temperature inside an airtight place. We have found some important benefits of using an air conditioner. Here is the list of benefits given below.

  • Better Air Quality: Air conditioners can remove pollutants and mold from the air by circulating and filtering the air inside the places. This system helps those suffering from allergic diseases and reduces the effects of irritants. Ac machines should be cleaned regularly; otherwise, it will create pollution in indoor air.
  • Improve Workforce Efficiency: People get exhausted and tired when the temperature becomes too hot, and they lose their ability to work. To decrease this situation, the air conditioner provides a cool and soothing temperature that helps you complete your work efficiently and feel comfortable and energetic.
  • Cooler Tempers: When the temperature becomes too high, it affects the human body and creates an adverse effect on the human brain. In that case, brains slow down, and heart rates and blood pressure get higher, which leads to aggressive behaviors. An air conditioning system cools down the temperature and provides a calm, comfortable temperature.

Disadvantages of air conditioning:

As air conditioning system has several advantages also have many more disadvantages. Widely used air conditioner affects the environment as well as human health.

  • Environmental Problems:

Excessive use of air conditioners creates many environmental problems. The toxic CFC gas, the most harmful greenhouse gas, gets out from Ac machines and makes the atmosphere polluted. Polluted air leads to increase asthma, allergic irritation, and respiratory problems.

  • Skin Dryness: Spending a lot of time in an air-conditioned room, you can lose moisturization of the skin. Therefore, your skin becomes dry and sensitive, which leads to skin irritation and various allergic symptoms.
  • Physical Illness: Excessive use of air conditioning creates a lot of health issues and diseases. Air conditioners buildup dust, bacteria, and pollen in the air filters, creating respiratory diseases and allergic diseases and increasing asthma risk.

Importance of Air Conditioning servicing

Air conditioner technicians perform a responsible job. They provide the best quality product with a warranty and the best customer service for any air condition related issues. Servicing companies have well-trained technicians to respond to and attend to their customers’ demands.

If you have an air conditioning system at your home, doing the servicing on a timely manner is of utmost importance. As a result, this will ensure the machine remains at a fully-functioning state.


According to the above study, we can conclude that air conditioning has both advantages and disadvantages. We have seen how air conditioner technicians provide you with their best services to get a comfortable and soothing temperature in your place. Importance of air conditioners in maintaining work efficiency, mental and physical wellness, and what are the adverse effects of using excessive air conditioners.