Stepping outside for a while to tend to your garden can be dangerous sometimes, especially if you won’t take the necessary precautions seriously. There go the slippery surface, misplaced gardening tools, unfixed fences, the harmful UV sun rays, and more.

Your simple negligence on the landscaping safety tips might lead to a worse scenario. So, to avoid such unfortunate landscaping incidents, we gathered some safety tips you may follow before you step outside. 

So, stay right in the pages, grab a pen and paper, and figure out these simple landscaping precautions for yourself. 

  • Apply sunscreen 15-20 minutes before going out.

Even when you feel or think that the sun isn’t that hot and about during your gardening time, applying sunscreen before you step outside is still a must. 

Landscaping makes your skin more vulnerable to skin problems like sunburns and redness of the skin surface. So, no matter how excited you may get to do landscaping, see to it that you protect your skin from the harmful UV rays by applying sunscreen. 

For better results, you might want to apply a generous amount of sunscreen evenly on your skin, especially to the exposed areas of your body 15-20 minutes before stepping outside. 

  • Secure or lock your gates and repair damaged fences.

Securing the gates and fixing the damaged fences are both necessary, especially if you’re living with kids and elders that might have dementia or memory problems. Of course, you wouldn’t want to see your kids crossing down the streets while you’re busy digging and planting in your garden, right? 

  • Keep your gardening tools safely in their proper places.

Landscaping Safety Tips

Storing your gardening equipment or tools in their rightful places or storage areas is very important. It’s because gardening tools such as garden forks, shears, spades, rakes, trowels, and secateurs can be dangerous sometimes, especially if misplaced somewhere or in the garden. 

Tripping or slipping on any of the aforementioned dangerous gardening tools is a scenario you wouldn’t want to happen. And if you have kids at home, they might play with any of those tools or mishandle any of it, which may lead to a worse situation or undesirable accidents. 

  • Wear proper gardening attire.

Aside from getting exposed in the sun, gardening or landscaping also makes you vulnerable to bruises, bumps, cuts, and scratches. And that’s why wearing proper gardening attire is highly suggested. 

Take a look at this list and find out the proper attire to wear before you go out to do landscaping. 

    • Long sleeve shirts

Aside from applying sunscreen, wearing long sleeve shirts is another way you can do to protect your skin from the sun. A comfy and loose long sleeve shirt is also advisable for you to bend, move from here and there, squat, and stretch freely. 

    • Baggy pants

Next, we have the baggy pants to partner with your loose long sleeve shirt. Like the loose and comfy long sleeve shirt, wearing baggy pants as you tend to your garden will allow you to move from one corner to another without a hassle. 

    • Gloves

Wearing a thick pair of garden gloves is also something you would want to do, especially if you’re not into getting your hands dirty. You may also get two kinds of gloves for doing separate or different garden errands; the thick one and the tight-fitted elastic one. 

You may use the thick garden gloves for trimming or working on your plants and flowers. And you may use the tight-fitted elastic gloves for raking, mixing soils, and so on. 

    • Hat

Before you step out in the sun, make sure to wear a comfy and wide straw hat to protect your face from the harmful UV rays. 

    • Boots

Wearing a pair of boots is very much suggested. Especially if you’re ought to stay longer in your garden than expected.  

  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help when lifting heavy objects.

The last safety tip on the list is to ask for help as possible as you can. If you’re lifting heavy objects such as bulky pots, gardening equipment, a sack of gardening soils, and so on, don’t hesitate to ask for a helping hand. 

Asking for help won’t only make the task easier and faster, but will also prevent accidents from happening. 

And that’s some of the simplest landscaping or gardening safety tips you might want to consider before you step outside. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family who are also fond of tending to their homegrown garden.