When you have decided to open up your cafeteria you need to consider and ponder much time on choosing the right type of café tables.

Things on which the size and shape of your café table will depend

Now this might look as a very small thing to consider at first but there are lots of things that you have to consider before buying tables for your cafeteria.

What type of menu you have for your customers?

On the list of items that often get least mention is the type of menu that you have for the customers. Whether it is a basic snacks type menu or a full sized meal that you want to serve in your cafeteria will decide on the type of café table size. The area on top of the table has to be sufficient for the customer to keep and eat the food.

Number of seating arrangements per table

 Apart from this you also have to consider on head count you want in your café at a time or in case you want them to be remain seated in the café tables. For example, the two seater tables, three-seater table, four seater table or six seater table. The size of the table will also determine how many tables you want to keep inside. You can also go for the outdoor seating arrangement. But for a family cafeteria you need to have tables of varying seating capacity to entertain the guests.

Floor space in your cafeteria can be a highly limiting factor

And not to forget is the most crucial factor that depends on the size of the café table and the number of such tables you want in the premises. It is the space in your cafeteria. Yes, the space in your cafeteria has to be such that customers can easily move in and around the tables and so do the catering and the food serving staff. You don’t want to jam or create too narrow alleys as this will risk collision with people.

Here are the type of tables you can have for your cafeteria

Bar tables

There are some cafeterias that also serve a whole array of exquisite wines on their menu. Is your cafeteria one of them? If yes, then you need to have the bar tables.  They are the best for serving the cold and chilling wines or even some other refreshing drinks such as smoothies and juices or even cocktails or lemonades.

So for the space you have space in your cafeteria on your side then of course you need to go with this type of café tables in your premises. It is perfect when placed alongside pavements or even in outdoors or it corners or even on terraces. Depending on the size of your café tables for serving wine as any as two to four people can nicely enjoy their evening.

Purchasing the separate tables

One way to save space is to buy the separates. You can buy the table tops and their bases separately or even consider buying the folding type of tables. This will help you to save a lot of space inside the premises of the cafeteria especially at times when it is not the peak customer inflow time.

Going with outdoor tables

There is nothing wrong in case you want to buy café tables for outdoor purposes. They look nice along a pavement. And before buying them you need to make sure that they are highly resistant to the weather and are lightweight too.

As far as the material is concerned you can choose to go with stainless steel, galvanized aluminium, wrought iron, laminated café tables.


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