The Dragon Ball Super TCG or trading card game based on the franchise of Dragon Ball is also called Dragon Ball CCG and it was published on 18thJuly 2008 by Bandai. This collectible card game was relaunched on 28th July in the same year for all age group and requires skills like arithmetic awareness, card playing skill and basic reading ability. It takes around five minutes for setup and the playing time is 15 to 25 minutes.

Although there is some resemblance with Naruto CCG from Bandai, what sets Dragon Ball Super CCG apart is the exclusive artwork inspired from the popular anime series of Z, Dragon Ball, Dragon ball Heroes and GT and Bandai also has idea about introducing characters of Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

List of Cards in Dragon Ball Super TCG 

Dragon Ball Z Super

There are Booster and Starter Cards from Series 1 to Series 9, three Themed Booster card packs, UW01 Starter cards, Draft Box 04, 05 and 06 cards, three Expert Deck card sets, Expansion Set cards and the new UW03 Booster in Dragon Ball Super TCG. 

In the 2008 version, there were 4 different types of cards in the original series namely event, wish, technique and warrior.

  • The Even cards plays an important role, they are used to incorporate various events changing the battle dynamics.
  • Wish cards based on wishes can be utilized once you have collected 7 Dragon balls.
  • Technique cards of various attacks are for using against the opponents in the battle for boosting energy The Warrior Cards feature characters that fight in Dragon Ball Super TCG such as Cell, Goku, Gohan, Vegeta and Piccolo.

You will also get different cards according to their availability or rarity such as rare, common, uncommon, super rare and the starter-exclusive super rare. In booster packs, you will get holographic and gold cards.

Type of Cards in Dragon Ball Super TCG 

Dragon Ball Super TCG

There are five different types of cards namely Earth, Villain, Unique (generally Namekian), Alien and Super.

  • Earth features Earthlings and Humans who are Z warriors who have the martial art skills and are great fighters. Villain features bad guys of the Earth such as Emperor Pilaf, Cell, Android 17, Android 20, Android 18 etc.
  • Unique in Dragon Ball Super TCG belongs to the group that is not part of the other four segments. Namekian or Evil Tribe denotes the alien living on the Earth before being aware of its origin such as King Piccolo, Piccolo, Lord Slug, and Garlic. Those who want to enjoy the world of aliens it is one of the best games for the gamers.
  • Alien group features those which are not from the earth and can be either good or bad

Popular Sets of Dragon Ball Super TCG 

The sets from 2008 have been the favorites of gamers and include Warriors Return which was the first version to be released in the U.S, Clash of Sagas, Destructive Fury and The Awakening. There are also super sets including.

Dragon Ball Super

  • Core Sets: Also known as super sets such as BT1 Galactic Battle, BT2 Union Force, and BT5 Miraculous Revival are main games.
  • Themed Sets: TB1 The Tournament of Power, TB2 World Martial Arts Tournament and TB3 Clash of fates.
  • Draft Sets: Dragon Ball, Divine Multiversity, and Giant Force are segments of draft sets.
  • Expansion Sets: EX01 to EX15 including Mighty Heroes, Ultimate Box, Saiyan Surge, Battle Advanced etc

The Dragon Ball Super TCG also includes Special Anniversary Boxes, Gift Box, Battle of Gods (Gift Box 2), Wild for Revenge (Gift Box 3) and Vault Power up Pack. As for card decks, you will get 14 Starter Decks, three Expert Decks and Ultimate Decks where each deck has fifty cards and one leader card. You can also opt for all-new booster pack of Union Warrior Series or wait for the 3 pre-release sets. Playing as a warrior with the computer controlled verses human is fun. If you want to play and win like warrior then the tournaments are exciting.