We all love to have a lush green space around us. For healthy growing vegetation, the right blend of climate, water, and soil supplies is paramount. While you cannot control the climate, you surely can ensure watering the plant at the right time, followed by choosing the right soil supplies. It means that the soil should be enriched with nutrients that are required for the growth of the plant. In this blog, we are going to cover the key components of good soil.

Essential soil supplies for your garden soil

Soil Supplies

Has it ever bothered you that despite watering the plant under desired climatic conditions, the plant is not surviving or not growing as a healthy plant should? It is because the soil is not rich in natural nutrients that can enhance the growth of the plant. It might happen due to various reasons but the most common is excessive planting of a certain type of plant that consumes a particular nutrient from the soil.

There are various additional nutrients available in the market. The use of chemical fertilizers can give you good and instant results, but infusing chemicals will eventually impact the pH balance of the soil, making it infertile. Hence, it has to be in a limited quantity. Besides, there are some organic additions that give you good results and keep the plant healthy by enriching the soil. This becomes especially important if you have a kitchen garden. If you wish to consume healthy and chemical-free food, then adding organic stuff is important. The following segment highlights the details of organic soil supplies:


This is the most common way of locking the moisture in the soil. Usually, people add wood chips, leaves, organic materials, and pine needles. A few of these things are also available in your home, but if they are not, you can contact the local nursery, and they will provide the right mulching material. This technique becomes important especially during the summer season when plants need a lot of water since it helps the soil retain moisture and prevents compaction. If you have an open garden that is exposed to the sun, mulch can be a good way to achieve the desired results.

Adding compost

Composting is yet another important soil supply that you can get from the local store. You can also prepare compost at home from vegetable waste, fruit peels, and other organic matter. It makes a great hobby, and you can also save money which you otherwise need to spend buying it from a local store.

Add nitrogen

An important nutrient that you need to add to the soil is nitrogen. You can use livestock manure since they are a good source of nitrogen and other important nutrients to the soil.

The right chemicals

Soil Supplies

Adding fertilizer– Although, it’s not highly recommended to use chemicals, sometimes the soil doesn’t have the right nutrient for which you need to use the fertilizer. You can opt for the soil test and then choose the right kind of fertilizer for the soil. Another important parameter that you need to take into account is maintaining the nutrient value of the soil. A soil test will also help you check the nutrient value of the soil, based on which you can make the right addition to the soil.

Concluding thoughts

These are some of the important supplies that you need for a lush green garden. You can contact the local garden supply store for this. They will probably have a complete range of sand and soil supplies that will keep your garden green and ensure its beauty.