Gardening is fun, no doubt!

For the ones with less patience, gardening can teach a lot.

For the ones who love plants and nature, gardening can be no less than a yacht!

Gardening is undoubtedly a favorite among the tasks that a gardening enthusiast does. The importance that a lawn mower holds in gardening is no less than the importance of a bat in cricket.

However, many are still unaware of the befitting ways to use it. The instances of a lawn mower not working properly is common. The news of children as well as adults getting injured by lawn mowers is common around the neighborhood too. Using it in the right way is not that hard!

Here’s your guide to use a lawn mower effectively and safely.

Mow the grass at regular intervals allowing them time to grow.

Lawn Mower

Mowing repeatedly without giving the grass time to grow results in your lawn going brown. The essential nutrients are denied to the plants in your lawn in case this is the practice that you have been practising.

Avoid mowing the grass when the grass is still wet or moist.

Mowing the grass when it is dry will give you a lot of benefits. Upon ensuring that the grass blades are upright while mowing, this also ensures that the grasses don’t clamp after being cut.

Lawn mowing will be fun and easy when the weather outside is cool.

Mowing at the peak hours of the sun can cause discomfort to you as well as the grass you are about to mow. You may catch heat strokes and affect your health adversely. It’s always recommended by lawn mower sellers to do the task when the temperature goes down.

The blades of the lawn mower must be kept sharp and defined every time.

Always keep the blades in your lawn mower sharp. Mowing becomes uneasy when the blades of your lawn mower go unsharp and damp.

Never mow in the same direction you did the last time.

Change the cutting direction every time you mow and continue this in the future. The way you mow gives the grass a direction to grow in and mowing it in the same direction again causes the grass to develop faultily.

Avoid giving a ride to someone in your lawn mower.

Carrying a passenger in the lawn mower might seem cool, but it’s not good for safety at all. Never allow children to use the lawn mower as this can be unsafe for the ankle biters.

Don’t drink and mow!

Avoid any kind of alcohol or beverage before mowing as this may be the bearer of some unforeseen circumstances.

Cut high in areas that have trees.

The areas in your lawn where trees grow is a sensitive part of your lawn. You must remain aware of the fact that these are the areas where the grass must compete with the trees for its needs – water and other nutrients. Mow the grass higher in shaded areas to spare the grass its life.

Don’t remove the safety guards on the lawn mower.

The safety guards on the lawn mowers are installed with a purpose. You must never remove the equipment for safety from the lawn mower to ensure maximum security.

Wear the following things while mowing.

Here’s a list of wearables that you need to follow while mowing:

  • Sunnies
  • hearing aids
  • gloves
  • long pants
  • shoes

All these assure keeping you safe throughout the lawn mowing process.

Always read the user manual before use!

The manual that is accompanied with the lawn mower has everything that you need to follow. The manufacturers are not less worried about your safety while using lawn mowers manufactured by them.


To sum up,

Gardening is fun and it should remain fun! And it’s never fun when you have long unwanted grasses in your lawn. An essential part of acquiring a good lawn is using the lawn mower right.


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