Excavation is the method of moving rock, building materials or other materials with tools, equipment or explosives to create space. This process requires advance tools and techniques. Excavation contractors dig and clear land for new construction. The excavators remove all the obstacles from the space to put it to best use. They can clear your land and remove trees and their fallen branches or logs. Apart from that, you can hire excavation services after demolistion of a building to clear heavy stones or boulders, and other such obstructions or debris. Sometimes they also remove dry, hazardous, or wet soil and replace it with topsoil.

Excavation Services Include

  • Tight access excavation: You cannot use heavy equipment or bulldozers within a restricted place. The excavation services company can easily create space in tight situations using their advance tools and expertise. They can clean your land for new construction.
  • Demolition: Many times an old structure or shed prevents property owners from doing new constructions, in such a scenario an excavator can easily demolish and remove the old construction. They also do the excavation work needed for new construction. But make sure, you must choose an excavation service that have proper license for demolition works.
  • Rock breaking: A huge rock or stone present in the property can become an obstacle and if you wish to remove it then an excavation specialist can help you with breaking and removing the rock easily.
  • Backyard clear-outs: Many times we are too busy to take care of our backyard and it gets filled with overgrown mess and unwanted bushes and other wastes. Excavation services can clean the backyard in just a few hours to help you.
  • Drainage: An excavation service can handle all big or small drainage problems. But, this is a plumbing related issue and it can be done by a plumbing services only. If they need any additional excavation services then you can hire an specialist.
  • Strip outs: Excavation services are not only limited to outdoor space creation. They can also take care of the home and office layouts they can strip out fixtures, unwanted walls and anything else that comes between you and the layout.
Excavation Services
Excavation Services

Different types of excavation services:

Excavation services include various soil-related tasks including site preparation, grading, trenching by using very large pieces of heavy equipment. The upper soil of the earth is prepared to construct buildings, bridges, roads and even to find the minerals below the earth’s surface. Excavation services are essential for any type of construction. Check below processes of excavation services

Site Preparation

Excavation contractors remove the soil up to the depth required for new construction. They also perform compaction tests and compaction with equipment to ensure the firmness of soil.


Excavation is a small part of the large project. Excavation contractors are subcontractors who work under the direction of general contractors, who solicit bids, coordinate subcontractor timelines and pay the excavation contractor when he completes his part of the project.

Large Equipment and Operators

Excavation equipment is very expensive to purchase. A small to mid-size excavation contract or lease or own only by a couple of large front-end loaders, backhoes, compactors, bulldozers, trenchers and skid steers. Most excavation contractors own large dump trucks to remove excess dirt.

Removing or moving dirt is just a small part of the excavation process. Excavation contractor can perform various tasks depending on the equipment the contractor owns and he can build roads, grade roads, dig ponds and sewers, excavate ditches for water lines or gas lines and operate trenchers that install flexible pipes beneath the ground without creating ditches. Excavation contractors create terraced drainage on agricultural land and build earthen dams.